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TPE Glitchless Phatzo Hug the Goat Bidwar
Dragons/Orbs/Eggs SableDragonRook Any% Exhibition
Level-Headed Showcase (Exhibition) RaikouRider Use harder settings (2nd Quest enemy speed, Poison Mushrooms, Charging Hammer Bros., etc.)
S1 (SA, Normal) Kaadzik
Any% Kaadzik
Verdant Wind quo
All Cup Tour cjitsallgewd Choose light weight racers. Top two get picked.
Jets of Time Randomizer JanusZeal
All Battles (Expert) PiccadillyBlue DJ Selection
Saturday, June 05, 2021
The 2-for-1 EmeraldAly
Majima Saga - Any% TwoWorlds
Any% TwoWorlds
Extra fGeorjje
Any% Medal Duping Bamford
Sonic & Tails MushySR
Any% olo_ili
New Game+ ZEN_Ivan
Any% (GOTY) Race PeterAfro vs. heyitsperk
Any% ZEN_Ivan Add All Goals and Golds Run
All Bosses Alibaba Ending choice bidwar
All Bosses SableDragonRook Pet the Bird (repeatable donation goal)
Randomizer (Exhibition) RaikouRider & Alsoa Sprite Selection
Insane Free Races NI cjitsallgewd Choose Driver
X2 CriscoWild
All Story Missions 97Timbs
Any% (NG+) PeterAfro
Sunday, June 06, 2021
All Deaths SableDragonRook Finish the Game
Any% lurk
Easy FingerQuick
Any % 1 Player heyitsperk
17 Crowns EmeraldAly
Any% PvtCb Character Choice
100% LinkaMeister
Any% ( Super Nintendo ) LinkaMeister
Any% Ignite
Any% Current Patch Alibaba
any% quo
All Chess Pieces IzzyAceDolphin
V11 Normal Keysanity (Exhibition) RaikouRider Save/Kill Animals, Sprite Selection (both ALTTP and SM)
Quo's Revenge (Exhibition) Dark-Aries

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