Nazaréthon 2021

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PC Any% - Goll Easy Glitchless Cavalca
PC 100% (Pistol Only) KiwamiZX
PS2 Leon All Bosses VaeVictusBR
PC NG+ Amateur Chiteiro1
PS3 Any% No Create ArcaniaCQ, KiwamiZX
PS2 The King Of Route 66 L.D
Nintendo Switch 200cc, Items Caku_, Cucaspeedrunner
PS1 Tournament. Beginner, NG+ Chiteiro1
PS2 Any% KiwamiZX
SNES 100% Akutarex
Mega Drive Mega Man Shimegabriel
Thursday, October 28, 2021
GBC 100% Extreme gamestart_curitiba
Mega Drive Any% HiroMunii
Caminha Soneca% tudo
Sega Genesis Any% NMG VaeVictusBR
PS2 Low% Caku_
SNES Normal Morphless KiwamiZX, L.D
Mega Drive Beat the Game Shimegabriel
SNES Any% Thaide
PC Any% JustLucLuc16
Game Cube Any% HiroMunii
GBA Any% gamestart_curitiba
caminha soneca% todos
Friday, October 29, 2021
SNES Mechan% DunkelGotik
PS1 New Season (Password) Chiteiro1
SNES USA% DunkelGotik
SNES Open Game - 1 Goal DunkelGotik
PC Any% Easy Zerodux
Nintendo 64 Unlock All Characters - Japanese N64 L.D
SNES All Secrets Thugkjj
PC Sonic Story Seed 0 ArcaniaCQ
Mega Drive Beat the Game - Glitchless Shimegabriel
SNES Any% Billy/Steve (Easy) Thugkjj
Nintendo Switch Any% CaueYamikaze
PC Any% Maarionete, Weider96
PC Shura Glitchless Ponetchmas
PC Any% Lyforth
PC All Bosses GrandeMOficial
Saturday, October 30, 2021
caminha soneca% todos
PS1 Any% Mendoco do Reboco
PS1 100% Chiteiro1
PC New Game (DLC) HiroMunii
SNES 22 exit Thugkjj
Nintendo 64 Easiest N64 ArcaniaCQ
GBA Any% JairGamer__
PC Glitchless Fabio8000K
NES Any% HiroMunii
PS1 Any% (No Major Glitches) Begifted, Desuroth
PC 100 Pagies Kasayev
PC No Passing Through Portals (NPTP) Bill_Play3
SNES Any% Akutarex3
PC Any% MDvMMw/CE rrrvieiraz
Sunday, October 31, 2021
SNES All Stages Doumeis
PS1 Any% Fhelwanger
PC Any% No SSU Narti1800
PS1 All Obstacle Courses L.D
SNES Pacifist, No Starworld Thugkjj, JairGamer__
PC Any% - Coop 2 Players 1 Controller Ticokico, O_Vinagre
PC Snowgrave JairGamer__
PC AllBosses4Players% Fabio8000, PedroNeves027, Labmau, TicoKico
PC Any% Doumeis
PS2 Any% Narti1800

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