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ClixGaming vs UhSpec PC Jill Any% NMG
TheLevelBest PS2 Any% Easy
Waifu PC New Game Professional
txk_keys GC Any%
the_leviathan PC Leon A (Assisted/120) NG+
deserteagle417 PC Chris Any% Knife Only NMG
JulianRX PC Knife Only - Original
Kris_NagaXIV PC Any% Jill
JulianRX PC Randomizer
Fiercekyo GC Claire A
TheLevelBest vs Kris_NagaXIV GBC Any%
deserteagle417 NDS Jill, 100%
Sunday, February 09, 2020
Everyone Earth ZZZZZ%
DrMaxterMind PC Any%
TheLevelBest PS2 Any% Normal
SmokeTheBear PS1 New Game Normal
DailyMae PC Any%, NG+, Solo, Amateur
DrMaxtermind PSX Any% Easy
DrMaxtermind PS2 Full Game Normal
marphoria PC NG+ Easy Any%
the_leviathan PC Any%
RawDerps PS3 Any%, Glitchless
Maxylobes PC Any% NG
Maxylobes PC Door Randomizer
DethThePursuer PS4 Claire A/Console/NG+
Monday, February 10, 2020

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