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ScheduledEstimateRunnersCategoryDonation IncentivesPlatformYear
NHA Hypesquad Preshow Twitch 2020
Argick (he/him) Ring Swapper speedrun Genesis* 1991
Som1Lse, Alone., lurven Knife of Dunwall No Powers Incentive: Fight Corvo Attano PC 2012
Som1Lse, Alone., lurven) Brigmore Witches No Powers PC 2012
Joker (he/him), Corvimae (she/her) Co-Op Diploma Bidwar: Name the player Switch 2018
Resistingframe Any% NES* 1993
AndreTheXLR8R any% SNES 1995
Camp4r (he/him) Any% GBA* 2002
Tuesday, December 15, 2020
Freedom_Pulse97 (he/him) Any% Bidwar: Final party member used against the final bosses (Heat/Gale) PS2* 2004
cambosteve Any% (Glitchless) GBA* 2003
Mchan338 100% WiiU 2013
Ryan Ford Any% Bidwar: File name SNES 1996
astronumous (she/her), Ryan Ford Any% No WW/OoB GBC 1998
Lime (he/him) 100% Bidwar: Tunic color (Blue/Red) Switch 2019
snolid ice Free Play PC 2018
Wednesday, December 16, 2020
Genesis All Pre-Apex Story Quests (Solo) PC 2011
123robot (he/him) Chaos Los Santos PC 2004
Viper World Xplorer (Any%) X360 2005
AlecK47 (he/him) any% Bidwar: Male or Female Shepard PC 2007
PiePusher11 TGM exhibition Arcade 1998
Jadusable2 (he/him) Claire A Any% PC 1998
Eyeof_Newt (she/her) Any% NG+ Incentive: Blindfolded final boss fight PC 2017
Quina, Iron Any% to Lance GBA* 2013
Iron Any% Bidwar: Druddigon nickname GBA* 2020
Emmoji (she/her) Solo N++ Tab E-row PC 2015
Rimuspp (she/he/they) Any% GBA* 2005
Thursday, December 17, 2020
WoadyB (he/him) Easy Any% Incentive: Take the Stairs PS4 2020
R30hedron All Runes PC 2018
AussieGG Any% Bidwar: Nationality outfit (American, French, English, Japanese) PC (Steam) 2015
g0goTBC (he/him) Single bingo N64 2000
LinkaMeister (he/him) Any% SNES Version SNES 1991
SloaTheDemon, LinkaMeister Allsanity Incentive: All Indoor Enterance Randomizer N64* 1998
AirAngel (she/her) Randomizer, Triforce Hunt Bidwar: Choose the sprite (Sailor Moon, Bananas In Pyjamas, Minish Cap Link, Shy Guy) SNES 1991
Kyoslilmonster Any% PS2 2004
Friday, December 18, 2020
Kingj0444 Any% WiiU 2014
Joaish All Masks 3DS 2015
Stevetvonline Any% Incentive: Cheer Up the Plant Xbox SX 2020
Stevetvonline Any% Xbox SX 2003
mralberto (he/him) Any% WiiU 2013
TikTak (he/him) Any% Hard speedrun Incentive: Pet the horse PS4 2018
colin Any% N64 1997
Wisdom43 (he/they) Any% No Math Bidwar: Name Ramza (14 char) PS1* 1997
Kyoslilmonster Any% No Ring Bidwar: Language choice (English, Japanese, German, French) PS4 2016
xShonnen (he/him) Any% Normal PS3 Bidwar: Chocobo nickname PS3 2013
Saturday, December 19, 2020
Happy_danser (he/him) Any% Bidwar: How to defeat the final boss (Rock, Paper, Scissors) XBox 2011
WeHaveZa (he/him) Any% PC 2020
Mysterion06 Vergil New Game Devil Hunter PC 2008
Coconutte Arcade Any% PC 2005
SloaTheDemon Any% Incentive: Get the good ending PC 2018
KonceptioN2 (he/him) Tower of Two Fists (Get Urshifu) Bidwar: Bulbasaur vs Squirtle Switch 2019
oneeyeddeacon (he/him) Any% (Easy) PC 2015
Chris is Awesome, WickedGligar (he/him) Randomizer Bingo Race GCN 2006
Mageius New game Any% (Hard) GCN 2002
George (he/him), SecondLt.Badger (he/him) The Run NG+ PC 2011
Labryz Shadow’s Story (No MSG) Incentive: Unused content exhitibtion X360* 2006
Alphena (she/her) Any% Sane PC 2019
Xujhan Any% TAS SNES* 1995
Sunday, December 20, 2020
Sye990 (he/him) any% original difficulty Incentive: Fight PsyCrow X360 2010
Lonne (he/him) NG+ Any% PC 2019
ripWSB any% PC 2019
peterafro (he/him) any% PC PC 1999
Rem, kingboosted (he/him) Relay. Any% - RBO - Dunk% Bonus Run: Blindfold Meiling PC 2018
Aeshmah (he/him) Any% NG+ Lethal Incentive: Kill/Spare Lord Shimura. PS4 2020
AydenMK8 (he/him) Any% No Village Skip PC 2019
TheRealGRBow (he/him) Randomizer GBA* 2004
ripWSB, ceebs5 any% co-op PC 2018
Palmer Any% PC 2020
Trig Jegman All Levels (1 Player) Incentive: Runner plays Green Greens on their accordion Wii 2010
tzovgo, Kyrette (they/them) Any% (2P1C; Coinless) Incentive: "The Perfect Run" mission showcase Wii* 2010
Monday, December 21, 2020
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