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Everyone awake Introductions%
Uppercasserole (he/him) All Skills - Current Patch NMG
R30hedron Beginner
Pikkufighter Any% NBS
Xuio (he/him) Crash 1 All Gems
retronika (she/her) Crossworld Keysanity (Crosskeys)
George World Championship
Tuesday, December 14, 2021
ChrisTenarium (he/him) PC Any% NMS
Woadyb (he/him) (A)ny% Normal
Alphena (they/she), WeHaveZa (he/him) Any% Glitchless - Race
TacoGuyy (he/any) No Manual Super Swim All Dungeons
Wednesday, December 15, 2021
SloaTheDemon Scrubs Tournament Settings
knewster Any%
Xuio (he/him) 100%
GhostSenpai Normal Mode
RoadkillRevenge (she/her) Any%
LinkaMeister (he/him) New Game+
LinkaMeister (he/him) 100%
Feathers, Mushy Any% No Boomerang Steering (Race)
Ryan Ford True Ending
City Hall (he/him) Any%
Puffy (he/him) Any%
SloaTheDemon Any% No Math
Thursday, December 16, 2021
ChrisTenarium (he/him) PC Any%
Jaio Inbounds
InsertLogic All Rots
Benedictatorr (he/him) Glitchless
Vandio (he/him) Any% Glitchless
Jack Of Hearts Any%
krakmoul Any% N0CUT5
R30hedron 2 Island Easy
wbt2000 (he/him) Any% - N0CUT5
Friday, December 17, 2021
knewster Any%
Ludiyolo Tourney Legal
MSKain (he/him) Chronicles of the Sword Any% UCW
Xuio (he/him) Single Player
Genesis 100% Glitched
Genesis Any% 40 Card Yu-Gi-Oh! Main Deck (Patch 1.0)
Mushy Sonic And Tails Bad Ending Glitched
Saria_100 All Portraits
Alphena (they/she) Any%
Headbob (he/him), Vandio (he/him) Key Item Randomizer Race
Ozmourn (he/him) 100%
Ozmourn (he/him) All Easter Eggs
Rohbert (he/him) All Levels Randomizer Showcase
Mchan338 Warpless
Saturday, December 18, 2021
komfona_zyg (he/him) Any%
lolaway Randomizer
Qazplm (he/him) Any%
Iron (he/him) Tower of Two Fists (Get Urshifu)
Ria Skies (she/her) Any% NG+
Mipha (he/him) Any% (NG / NG+)
Jman__Games (he/him) All Captains
MoD366 (he/him), Stevetvonline Any% (V-sync On)
KonceptionSR (he/him) Rudolph Book
Firesplitter (she/her) All Tours items
woofmasterarf , MaeTheDKC (they/she) All Bosses
Metroid Crime (she/her) Glitchless Any %
AlecK47 (he/him) Any% Anniversary
major (they/them) Any% (Manipless)
AntiAaron Rising Mode Sayuri
AlecK47 (he/him) Sonic and Tails glitchless
Sunday, December 19, 2021
March (he/him) Easy
CMOJoker Any% 1player
Kefka14 (he/him) Any%
Kefka14 (he/him) 100% JP
Qazplm (he/him) Any%
SparkyMcCalc1 Glitchless - 1-player
Snodeca Any%
Aeshmah (he/him) Two Islands NG+
R4NG3 (he/him) Any% (Unrestricted)
Woadyb (he/him) Any%
KonceptionSR (he/him) Any%
Sanjan (she/her) Any%

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