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N64 Any% HampyStrange HampyStrange
SNES Capeless Any% HampyStrange HampyStrange
PC Any% Palmenkott Palmenkott
SNES All Dungeons RMG ErirorPS ErirorPS
SNES Any% HayfieldBay HayfieldBay
GBA RACE Telmiran vs Nobly To Be Confirmed
SNES 100% drex23 drex23
Genesis Any% drex23 drex23
PC Jill Any% - Door Skip tompano__ tompano__
NES Any% NilssonAlex92 EddysLab
N64 Randomizer Markars Markars
Saturday, June 01, 2024
N64 16 Stars Purce Purce
Gamecube Any% No OoB Purce Purce
😴🛏️Sleeping😴🛏️ 😴🛏️Sleeping😴🛏️ 😴🛏️Sleeping😴🛏️ 😴🛏️Sleeping😴🛏️
NES RACE jKL0ser vs PetaQ To Be Confirmed
N3DS RACE Anglhz vs Kapitein KOEK Anglhz
SNES Any% Junkyard_Dave Junkyard_Dave
NES Any% Junkyard_Dave Junkyard_Dave
NES Any% Junkyard_Dave Junkyard_Dave
NES HARD! Mode Junkyard_Dave Junkyard_Dave
NES Any% nintendonatalie To Be Confirmed
NES RACE HayfieldBay vs Nobly Crystajoy730
NES Any% Superpiccolo Superpiccolo
Genesis NoController% Superpiccolo Superpiccolo
TG16 Any% Superpiccolo Superpiccolo
Dreamcast 100% Brokiechill Brokiechill
SNES Any% Ressurretro Ressurretro
SNES RACE ZenArcane vs TJJoll vs home_wrecker vs ARabidWombat TreySpyre
Sunday, June 02, 2024
NES RACE VixRyder vs Home_Wrecker royalewitcheese
😴🛏️Sleeping😴🛏️ 😴🛏️Sleeping😴🛏️ 😴🛏️Sleeping😴🛏️ 😴🛏️Sleeping😴🛏️
SNES 100% NMG Humbughh Humbughh
SNES Easy Any% chill_dragoon chill_dragoon
SNES Randomizer KilesTTV KilesTTV
PC BINGO ScottishBrave44 & royalewitcheese & TreySpyre & Klandiro To Be Confirmed
NES Randomizer VvNeo2000vV VvNeo2000vV
PC Any% SighAhNide SighAhNide
SNES Any% SpiritBuddy SpiritBuddy
Monday, June 03, 2024
SMS Any% ObscureLifeForm ObscureLifeForm
PS1 Any% ObscureLifeForm ObscureLifeForm

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