NLSS Fall 2019

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ScheduledEstimateSystemCategoryRunner(s)Donation Incentive(s)
Saturn Any% No Polizu Skip kariohki Fight Caldina again
SNES Any% SorcererSeige "Blind-folded Gildiss fight" (final boss)
GCN Any% Myzlstyx Bid war for what character to play as
N64 Any% tapioca
NES Any% Bassguy4
NES Easy NME, sYn_stream
NES All Mountains (Co-op) MeowingKitty and Tishero
SNES 4 Islands TheElderSpork, Picante Upgrade race to Around the World, Character Select
SNES Warpless D-4 (Mario) Picante
NES Warpless TheElderSpork
PC Any% Major Glitches NME
360 Any% NSC MrPzak
SNES Any% sYn_stream
NES Any% freeland1787
PSX Any% TheThreeTwo
Sunday, September 22, 2019
PSX Prototype Cup + G1 Cup Retro Omega X Le Mans for 24 Minutes
GBA Any% sharif
NES Any% GliitchWiitch
NES Randomizer anthole, kavoc Choose the randomizer settings
NES Any% vanni_van
TG16 100% vanni_van
NES Randomizer Toad22484
NES Any% Avalonith
NES Normal Avalonith
NES Any% ViruseReturns
SNES Any% Mr Magnificent
SNES Any% Cypherin
Arcade Any% 1CC LRock617
Switch Adventure Mode Infinitemystery
C64 Any% baldnate
TG16 Any% baldnate, CheeseVikingGames, TheBigMike1983
PC 10 Game Marathon baldnate, EvilCommieDictator, slabbityslab, ThorOfKenya, Wepen
PS4 Not A Hero DLC Kingmatt817
Switch Every Story Has a Happy Ending% Lastsincommited
PSX Vortex% stump
Master System Any% Glitchless chessjerk
NES Randomizer Tetra Choose file names
NES First 7 Levels chessjerk, MixMastaPJ
NES Any% yelsraek
NES No Abilities Tishero
NES Any% MadMegaX381 Buster Only
SNES Any% cytalis
N64 Any% MadMegaX381
N64 Randomizer - 70 Star AND4H, MixMastaPJ

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