NLSS Spring 2019

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Any% SNES theRPGchick
Story Mode PSX kariohki
Any% PSX Myzlstyx
Zero 100% PSX Lastsincommited
Any% Normal No OOB PS4 Infinitemystery
NG+ Glitched - Claire 2nd PS4 Kingmatt817
All Levels Game Boy dadinfinitum
Glitchless Game Boy dadinfinitum
Any% No Game Over Abuse PSX stumpdotio
Any% Cadence PC arborelia
Any% SNES sYn_stream
Easy Game Boy Color baldnate
Any% TG16 baldnate
Easy TG16 baldnate
Sunday, May 19, 2019
Any% GBA TheBigMike1983
Any% John Morris Genesis Cypherin
Any% SNES Cypherin
Any% Genesis Cypherin
Any% NES ViruseReturns
Any% TG16 Vanni_Van
Any% NES Toad22484
Any% NES Toad22484
Any% NES Toad22484
Any% TG16 Toad22484
Any% SNES anthole
Any% NES anthole
Any% Easy NES anthole
Any% NES anthole
Any% NES Kongcakes
Any% SNES Kongcakes
100% SNES Kongcakes
Any% NES LRock617
100% Game Boy LRock617
Any% Arcade LRock617
Any% Survival PC The_Kov
Kefka @ Narshe SNES The_Kov
Any% TG16 NMEtv
Any% Easy TG16 Infinitemystery
Normal Beginning 360 yelsraek
Best Ending Master System Finalflame
Beat the Game Master System MadMegaX381
Any% Genesis MadMegaX381
Any% Genesis MrMagnificentStream
Any% Co-Op SNES Theyflower + stumpdotio
Any% NES chessjerk
100% No Up+A NES Tetraly
Novice 1P2C NES yelsraek
16 Bags of Ca$h NES AND4H
Any% NES MixMastaPJ
No Wrong Warp NES MadMegaX381
Any% (JP) NES NMEtv
Any% Switch GliitchWiitch
League Match Flags SNES AND4H
Everyone Left

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