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ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunnerPlatformRelease YearIncentives
Talk% Team
Glitchless - Any% Metroid Crime PC 2010
11 Exit NMG WKerrick SNES 1990
All Stages 1 Player Un Fantasma Más NES 1991 Sombrero%
Any% Song (JustisLeague) PC 2022
All Bosses Grimm Troupe No Major Glitches Gusten13 PC 2017 Do the Path of Pain
New Game Any% TempestMask1000 3DS 2014 Upgrade Category to New Game Good Ending
Any% NMG Race TFT, Uppercasserole PC 2021 Language Option
Any% Song (JustisLeague) PC 2021
Glitchless JACK4L PC 2012
All Songs Trivial (No Tutorial) j0kerr PC 2007
All Levels Showcase Genesisprobe PC 2021
Any% sorcerer route Samwelldasnack PC 2015
Any% WeHaveZa PC 2017
Thursday, September 15, 2022
Glitchless Phantom N64 2000 Bring V.S Abandon Luigi
All Stories Tourney Legal Ludiyolo252 GameCube 2021
Rally Mode CosmykTheDolfyn SNES 1994
All Cutscenes Jack Playstaion 1999 Two bonus Japanese exclusive minigames
Hero Mode Any% Un Fantasma Más Switch 2017
Glitchless Myth197 GBA 2004
Randomizer Any% scoutjd SNES 1991 Choose the sprite of Zeromus' final form
Normal Difficulty LinkaMeister N64 2000
Beat the Game TempestMask1000 Arcade 1993
Glitchless anarchyasf PC 2014 Save Wyatt or Fergus
Glitchless anarchyasf PC 2017 Save Wyatt or Fergus
Any% Glitchless Genesisprobe PC 2016
Friday, September 16, 2022
All Blue Numbers + All Superbosses SapphireSapphic PC 2021
Any% Glitchless (Piplup +) MuyGuy DS 2006
Inbounds (Legacy, Standard) Demonic PC 2019 Costume Choice
Escape Ending No Major Skips (Ver. 1.04) PunchSh0t PC 2021 Decommission Monty or Chica
Easy Difficulty LinkaMeister Wii 2010
Claire B standard 120 fps SnakeSocom PC 2019 98 Claire V.S. Elza Claire
Glitchless Easy SnakeSocom PC 2006
Any% Sane Alphena PC 2019
Unlock All Characters stevetvonline Switch 2021
All Race Golds (Single Event) jr PS2 2000
Any% Glitchless AdamFerrari GBC 1992
100% IllegallySam Xbox Series X 2020 Color for GR-18
Saturday, September 17, 2022
Extreme Full Item Randomizer Race dertswa687o, Vandio, Ergotae, wingidge GBC 2001
Any% Phantom GBA 2005
Any% Ria Corvidiva Wii 2008
Glitchless True Ending Adilor PC 2020 Standard V.S. Inverted
Co-op Randomizer TheRealGRBow, scoutjd, SapphireSapphic SNES 1994
Any% Iron GBA 2022
GT Classic PapaSchmo SNES 2018
Glitchless Mchan338 Switch 2019
Sunday, September 18, 2022
Any% Stasious PC 2018 Angel or Demon choice in Chapter 3
Any% FrostDragonZ Xbox One 2010 Upgrade to All Regions
Any% Daspharaoh GameCube 2005
XGRA Global LinkaMeister GameCube 2003
all levels inbounds peterafro Playstaion 2000 Minigame Showcase
Double Bingo! BZArcher PC 2020 Pet the dog ($20)
Glitchless w/Cat Easy FOK PC 2011 Batman Skins (The Animated Series, 70s, Beyond, The Dark Knight Returns, Sinestro Corps)
100% Mchan338 3DS 2012 Mario V.S. Luigi Bidwar
any% Glitchless Charlotte Switch 2021 Difficulty Dread
Talk% Team

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