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thepotato_666 TPE Glitchless (1.00-1.001) Incentive: Hug the goat PC, Linux
AlecK47 Sonic Glitchless Genesis
DoubleDubbel, LinkaMeister Any% GCN, via Wii
Thebpg13 Complete Tournament Mode (Any Races) PC, Windows
Nimputs Any% PC, Windows
artsncrofts Any% Glitchless (No RNG Manip) Bidwar: Name Ness, Paula, Jeff, Poo (4 characters) SNES
Emmoji All Levels (Tokenless) PC, Windows
Thursday, February 13, 2020
CCNeverender Any% N64
fGeorjje World Championship GBA, via EMU
thegoodprofessor_ Magirock% Bidwar: Character name SNES-J
starlordria Any% - No Major Glitches Incentive: Upgrade Category to All Spirits N64
LinkaMeister 100% SNES, via WiiVC
swoopthenoob Alpha Tournament (Venom) PSP
DoubleDubbel Any% PC, Windows
Kitokys All Bosses Bidwar: Character Skin (Warden of the Ossuary, True Apostasy, Son of the Miracle, Default) PC, Windows
Headbob Any% Bidwar: Sword or Shield | Bidwar: Player Name Switch
nes Story Mode X360
marquisdan All Guilds (Glitchless) Bidwar: Good or Bad Ending | Incentive: Fight Bouncer NES
SteveTVOnline Any% Xbox One
SteveTVOnline Level 10 Garden Xbox One
Kingj0444 All C-Sides Switch
DiegolazoR4, Rimuspp Guy Any% SNES
Friday, February 14, 2020
Rimuspp Any% Warpless Incentive: Post-run Trials exhibition PC
fGeorjje Career Any% [NG] PC, Windows
SableDragonRook Any% NMG (No Balloonist Skip, aka NBS) PS4, via Pro
SableDragonRook All Deaths% PS4, via Pro
starlordria any% PS2
Failracer Career any% (NG) Bidwar: Final Car PC, Windows
Left Side Worldwide Any% Normal (Gamepad) X360
DOHCGaming The Run% (Any%) PC, Windows
ellervated Jumi% Bidwar: Player Name PS1, via PS2
Saturday, February 15, 2020
MSKain Chronicles of the Sword - SC% Bidwar: Name the Dancer | Incentive: Fight Ende PS2
ripWSB any% PS4
Jaka Any% No Major Glitches PC
LinkaMeister XGRA Global GCN
LinkaMeister Easy Difficulty Bidwar: Character Choice (Bill Rizer, Genbei Yagyu, BR-W9, Newt Plissken) Wii
starlordria Any% US GBC, via GBi
Blast, Cousin, Jonny, KGreg20, Lonne, RaTT, swoopthenoob Online Tournament Showcase Incentive: Bonus untracked dumptruck race with collisions enabled PC, Windows
Lonne Drift Attack (Any%) PSP, via PSP Go
tutelarfiber7 Any% Incentive: Play the Fish Minigame | Incentive: Play the Train Minigame DS, via 2DS LL
Kitokys Any% PC, Windows
SloaTheDemon Any% NG+ NMG Incentive: Race the Ninja | Incentive: Post-run glitch exhibition PC
Raichu European Extreme PS3
Kingj0444 All Story Moons Bonus Run: Nipple% Switch
woofmasterarf Link Any% PC, Windows
ripWSB, ceebs5 Any% co-op - experienced PS4
Benedictatorr Glitchless Bidwar: Save or Harvest the Little Sister PC, Windows
Benedictatorr Glitchless PC, Windows
Sunday, February 16, 2020
Benedictatorr Glitchless PC, Windows
SableDragonRook Any% PS4, via Pro
PunchSh0t Glitchless Main Quest Bidwar: Character Name Switch
ComplexBeaver Glitchless Incentive: Play the Gryffindor Challenge PC
genesisprobe Glitchless PC, Windows
g0goTBC 200% TAS Showcase GBA, via EMU
TBA Aro All statues PC, Windows
Gumjaw All Story Levels Bidwar: Skylander names, picked from top 6 donators. See incentives sheet for more details. WiiU
PiePusher11 King Knight any% Switch
Tasselfoot Any% Glitchless PC, Windows
dopezzera, jess57329 Glitchless Bidwar: File Name Wii VC
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