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Kingemocut Any%, Difficulty 1 PS4
Pikkufighter Any%
Linkameister Any%
dopezzera Glitched Randomizer Incentive: 2x Damage N64 (via Wii VC)
Kyoslilmonster Glitchless% PC
LeftSideWorldwide Any% PC
ellervated and BalmungOni Faerie% Name Bidwar: Character PS1
Thursday, December 12, 2019
lightning_leon Any% DLC Character Bidwar: Pyra VS Mythra Switch
colinbolts Any% Name Bidwar: Name the boy | Incentive: Kill the secret boss SNES
StarlordRia Any% glitchless Bidwar: Name Player, Ness, Paula, Jeff, Poo SNES
LinkaMeister Easy Difficulty Incentive: Turbo Mode N64
RaichuMGS European Extreme PS3
Nimputs All Stories PC
Jadusable2 Leon 1st Handgun only Bidwar: Leon's costume (normal, alternative, noir, arkley sheriff, and 9) | Bidwar: OG soundtrack vs the remake soundtrack PC
Kris_NagaXIV Any% PSTV
LeftSideWorldwide Heavensward NG+ (Part 1) Outfit Bidwar: Cloud, Squall, Zidane, Firion, Noctis or 2B PC
Friday, December 13, 2019
Snolid_Ice Free Play RTA PC
Snolid_Ice Mutator% - Custom, Seedless, no SSA PC
eighttt Any% Easy Genesis (via Emu)
tenfive6 All Worlds PS4
colinbolts Any% Character Bidwar: Jimmy/Billy PSX
StarlordRia Bid War Category Bid War 1: Any% vs All Spirits | Category Bid War 2: Glitches vs Glitchless N64
SloaTheDemon Any% NG+ NMG Incentive: Upgrade to all bosses | Incentive: Glitch exhibition PC
Codepiece9 Randomizer% PC
Tasselfoot 100% Bidwar: Decide the boy's fate (do nothing, trip in puddle, trap in garage) | Incentive: Glitch exhibition | Bonus run: Rake% PC
DaFatMan922 Any% Bonus run: Minecraft: Edgecraft Inbounds PC
WiiSuper Bid War PC
donatellodadonkey Any% PS4
TheScruffington Any% PC
Saturday, December 14, 2019
Emm0ji All Levels (Finale) PC
genesisprobeStream 100% PC
Bakuman84 100% SNES
zirothehiro Any% PC
Vertic 100% PC
ProdigySpeedruns 70 star (V5) N64
Yeswally1 Any% PS1
GhostwoodGG Any% GBA (via Emu)
Joaish All Dungeons Wii U
RoseWater GSR Bidwar: File Name N64
LeftSideWorldwide Any% Normal (Kinect) Incentive: Play with a Kinect X360
Codepiece9 Any% OOB PC
Snolid_Ice Arcade% Freeplay PC
ThatOneGuy_nnn Any% NG PS4
Sunday, December 15, 2019
Benedictatorr Glitchless PC
solarcell007 Extreme Chaos Forced Unsafe 4ST SNES
Thebpg13 Any% Bonus Run (after): Super Mario Bros - Warpless by SuperSonic71087 PSP
SuperSonic71087 Warpless NES
Snolid_Ice Any% PC
Lonnesurvivor Cop any% Bidwar: License Plate (7 Characters) PC
DOHCGaming Extreme% No Car Swap Glitch Incentive: Upgrade category to Extreme% (No Car Swap Glitch) PC
Nimputs 100% GCN
doctorfeesh Any% N64
doctorfeesh Championship Reverse N64
SloaTheDemon Any% NG Incentive: Good Ending PC
PiePusher11 Diddy 100% Incentive: Play with bongos (handcam included) GBA (via Wii U)
IamAlphena Any% Bidwars: Name Kaeris, Clink, Sid PC
SloaTheDemon BONUS: Any% NG+ Incentive: Good Ending PC
Kyoslilmonster [A]ny% PC
davidtki Any% Bidwar: Spare/Bag the cat | Incentive: Play with audio swap glitch PC
MrGuyAverage Map Completion Bidwar: Save/Kill the Animals SNES
Monday, December 16, 2019
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