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darrenville vs poisoncurls SNES 100%
ApostolicPaladin PC Any %
HatchetMansMyth PS4 Rush only%
Kammesennin SNES Any% Buster Only
akutarex3 SNES Any%
BlueMetal PSP (PSTV) Any%
PI_9000 Xbox One Any%
Wepen PC Any%
Kuumba_ NES Any% Expert
Aerlien vs BlueMetal Any% PS
peterafroreturns PSP proto/roll/mega bid war
HandsomeJack_ass Wii Any%
Resistingframe NES Any%
8BitisGr8 GC All Stages (Easy)
Sunday, September 22, 2019
Kuumba_ NES Any%
IrregularJinny GBA Any%
ThisIsJayC PSX 100%
Entu GBA Any%
IrregularJinny 3DS Copen Any%
BigJon GB Any%
BigJon GB Any%
Kammesennin PC Any% Buster Only No Gears/Rush Superhero Mode
AceOfArrows PC Beat The Game (Reverent) NG+
CrebleStar NES Any%
IceQueenZer0 Game Gear Any% Hard Mode
LookinToad NES Any%
Kammesennin SNES Rockman Buster Only
darrenville SNES 100%
iraqvet0304 vs Boog2TheMan PC Normal Zipless
TokyoScarab SNES Crazy Seed Any% Sega Genesis Modeā„¢
Monday, September 23, 2019

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