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Papitaless o Papitaful Todos menos el shin
All Stages Tchy
Any% (No SSU) Lessness
Any% Salero Eon
Saturday, September 08, 2018
Any% Lessness
All Missions Tchy
Any% Tchy
Glitchless Salero Eon
Duck Mode Salero Eon
Bad Ending Salero Eon
Good Ending Salero Eon
Any% Salero Eon
Any% Salero Eon
Any% Ch0cman
100% Ch0cman
Any% Ch0cman - Tchy
Any% Ch0cman
All Stages Tchy - Salero Eon
All Stages 1 Player Salero Eon
Speedrun Mode - Gunvolt Benja
Any% - Pirate Mode (No OoB) Benja
Easy Steam Benja
Easy Coop Steam Benja - Kokuns
Easy Coop - Steam Benja - Kokuns
Costumes - Ninja, Any% Benja
Costumes - Jammies, Any% Benja
All A Ranks Salero Eon - JimSR - Lessness - Benja
Luijaroful o Luijaroless Luijaroful o Luijaroless
8-bit Benja
11 Exit Lessness - deppeq
Any% JimSR
Tuboless deppeq
Any% (no ww) deppeq
Any% deppeq
Sunday, September 09, 2018
Encore Mode JimSR
Any% JimSR
101% JimSR
Any% Easy deppeq
Zero 100% Ch0cman
Zero Any% Ch0cman
Zero Low% Ch0cman
5 Wins survival mode Ch0cman
48 Mavericks Tchy - Ch0cman
Any% Easy - Original Mode JimSR
Any% easy JimSR
any% JimSR
any% no telejumping JimSR
Beat Misty JimSR - Ch0cman
Beat The Game JimSR - Lessness
Un dedo Finalistas
Any% Tchy
Papita% Todos menos el shin

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