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ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunner(s)Final Time
Any% PI_9000
NG+ Casual PI_9000
Any% NG+ GhostScit
Elementary Kid% PI_9000
Beat faggots Deln
Any Percentage New Goime EZ MODO (Race) Electra13x7777 and 8buttisGr8
Win the Super Bowl NG+ PI_9000
All Heart Squids (No oob) PI_9000
any percentage genocide all slots no oob 69 stars Billyson of the Burrito
Monday, June 25, 2018
Any percentage Billyson of the Burrito
Every Damn Stage Billyson of the Burrito
Phantasm Stage "Speedrun" (not really lol) Billyson of the Burrito
Hundo (Race) Shadowkiller and 8buttisGr8
hot blonde mega man, hundo (Race) Shadowkiller and 8ButtisGr8

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