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Randomizer (All Major Bosses) SN_Idiot
Any% SuperViperT302
Any% [PSX] ValkyrieHrist, GhostSenpai
Demo Any% starsmiley Upgrade to True Ending
Add 10 minutes to the estimate if True Ending gets met star
Glitchless mohoc
Beginner (NTSC) Boon Visit the Hamburglar
Easy Any% LinkaMeister
Sonic's Story Dage4
80 Star SheepSquared
Any% robthegamer115
Any% Easy robthegamer115 Tommy vs Chuckie vs Lil vs Phil vs Kimi
152 Tokens NachoBrado, lozplyr89
Mini-Game Coaster (Easy) Shape Mario vs Luigi vs Peach vs Yoshi vs Wario vs DK
Any% deathline
Thursday, July 12, 2018
All Stories piner
Any% qazplm English Audio vs Japanese Audio
Any% meowmix_fan Upgrade to 100%
Add 35 minutes to the estimate if 100% gets met meowmix
Any% piner
Any% CapitanBublo Fight Sephiroth Level 1 Critical
Terra Beginner vs Aqua Beginner SloaTheDemon Category Bid War
Category Block Dragolina
Change the Estimate to 20 minutes after the 120 star run if the 16 star run gets met viper
120 Star SuperViperT302 Bonus 16 Star run
Any% Odme_
Any% Shape
No OoB Shape
100% Tebt
Custom Knight Any% Amps8695
Friday, July 13, 2018
Category Bid War Amps8695 Any% vs Low% vs NG+ vs 100%
100% MooMooAkai
Any% WinnerBit
Any% WinnerBit
Story Mode Any% meowmix_fan Aiai vs Meemee vs Baby vs Gongon
Any% Varldin
Any% (Normal) mohoc
Warpless CountGooby
Any% CountGooby, LinkaMeister Save/Kill the Animals
Any% LinkaMeister Denim Outfit vs Swimsuit
Any% GhostSenpai Watch the Cutscenes
Any% w/ Flight Ninpalk Fight Final Boss with Butterthree
Any% LaurieDBunnykins
Solstice Run LaurieDBunnykins April Fools Patch
Story Mode CountGooby, CmdrYT

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