PACE Fall 2023 Schedule - Benefiting Urban Arts

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Any% SHiFT
100% No SRM Glitchymon Gamerbro4533
Any% (v1.0.0) ILoveVark
100% HDlax ILoveVark & GlitchPhD
Monday, November 06, 2023
Any% Legacy MrGreen930 the_tomboyprincess
100% Stump230
Any% MadAstix & Alienshockz
Any% Co-op Chimkin & Tfresh
Restricted Any% Co-op Zojalyx & Dr_Pi
Any% Co-op Zojalyx & TheSpectacularSlade
100% Tournament Duck, Trep, Mium, Funderful, Beamo, Dedelux & 7Hornet icupspeedruns & ItsBeeve
Pure Dark (Glitchless) Drumbasher004 drywall
Small Stories TB SS Ray0ken
Team Rose LTS FreezyPopFP Auraace66 & Strawberryy_Jamm
Sonic's Story No CW Flubbler ReverieSR & Auraace66
Tuesday, November 07, 2023
Amy - ATS PimpUigi
Any% GlitchPhD JCRRiles
Any% Vinnie_64 TheCanadianMafia_13
100% IllegallySam
Any% MixMastaPJ zerothe14th
All Bosses Cherubim731
Talkatoo% Phillie Dy1anR, Awesome_Aggron & HexSpeedruns
48 Tracks 200c Items Tournament KingjO444, HexSpeedruns, Peas, LunaaaKH, AwesomeAggron, Rox & Johanian Needlemouse, Swagh, Daytendo, Druzdowsky, MrWa, Odme & Vinnie64
Warpless JeremyMKW Storster
Warpless 8-4 (Mario) GTAce99
Any% Warpless Stewie_Cartman
96 Exit Storster
Wednesday, November 08, 2023
Any% Relay MadAstix, Pidgey, Skippy & joshtgr_
NG+ OboeMasterOzzy
Any% Hoverless Kaons SHiFT
True Ending KingJO444
16 Star Tournament Weegee, GreenSuigi, Nils, Kally, TreyBordo, Tag609 & GTM
120 Shines sblectric
Thursday, November 09, 2023
Any% JCRRiles
AMNG YomkoolTV FootCreamz & 2jztrueno
Any% ItsBeeve Doeboy, TheProfesser & EliasThompson
70 Star WesDogg
120 Star Tournament - Day 1 Liam, Cheese, Weegee, Puncayshun, Dwhatever, Kally & Simply
70 Person 70 Star Relay KingJO444 & Crowd
Friday, November 10, 2023
SMB2 Marathon (Warps) SloshW Peas
All Coin Stacks Zack207
DLC 5 & 6 - 16 Tracks Items Peas
Any% (Restricted) Burndi Mickyyyr
100% AussieAdam WesDogg
Melon% 1-Lap Artemis64
Stargazer R2 (Transfers) Peas
120 Star Tournament - Day 2 Liam, Cheese, Weegee, Puncayshun, Dwhatever, Kally & Simply
16 Star Drum% CZR_drums WesDogg
Blindfolded DK VE WesDogg
All Boards Easy Ray0ken
Saturday, November 11, 2023
Any% (170 Star) The_Needlemouse Swagh007
Any% (50 Shine) Swagh007 The_Needlemouse
Any% Race TheProfesser & izumichenmeiru
0 Star Poke711_ TaylorSwiftSimp
120 Star Tournament - Day 3 Liam, Cheese, Weegee, Puncayshun, Dwhatever, Kally & Simply

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