Pal-o-Thon 1 Schedule

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Glitchless Any% thebroodles
Any% RJsmangit
Crash 1 Any% PeteSwanson
Any% No S+Q Race CorporateImage & Blueser
NG+ All Bosses Miinfin
Sion - Any% quetzington
Any% Race MelLovesGames, chokocchi, & salty__sal
Sunday, September 11, 2022
NG+ Ada deserteagle417
Any% reverv
Wesley Story - Very Hard syo
No Snags daspharaoh
HD PC Any% NMS - Speed Up Booster Captofthedorks
Tressa Single Story 3 Char cutethulhoo
Any% Pixel Remaster Captofthedorks
Randomizer Race Ayymart & quetzington
Arcade Co-Op bombom & RJsmangit

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