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ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunner TwitchRunner TwitterRace
All Story Missions LiquidWifi & Derek @liquidwifi & @derekruns Yes
Any% Beginner No Warp Nase @Nasepybus No
Any% 8BitBeast & Azmi @The8BitBeast & @Aazmi77 Yes
96 Exit Sten & Seathorne @Stephen1704 & @Seathorne74 Yes
Any% MangoPunch @Mangopunchmunch No
Ganondorf Source Requirement (GSR) MikamiHero & TripppAU @MikamiHero & @TripppAU Yes
All Gems Rexaaayyy & Murcaz @Rexaaayyy & @Murcaz1 Yes
120 Stars Paracusia @djparacusia No

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