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Jope Crew Horror Land 35 Star
Narcissa, sockfolder Bingo Race
Checkers any%
Jiano any%
Jiano, Sicko2012 any% race
Cody Miller Redemption
Todd Rogers 5.51 Attempts
SRKFunkdoc, sinister1 any% race
kissmyafrocard any%, Kareshi on piano
Bubufubu Beat whatever game it is
Naegleria, Mikwuyma Best of 5
Adam, Shrimp, RoboSparkle, Flicky any% race
Hurblat, Mr. K 2p1c
KirkQ any%
Tuesday, June 30, 2020
KennyMan666, bjw any% race
Feasel any%
FuriousPaul Lvl 1-60
Withhelde, Zerst, Fuzzey_Ninja, SRickshaw All Forestia bounties; Continentia+Forestria only, no Sorceress, raisecontrol/instantarmy, or week ending (Normal)
Wednesday, July 01, 2020
bjw, Tiki Terran Campaign

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