Peeps Get Good - Part 1

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Stream Start and Introductions Any% 16:9 Multiple nuclearsheepd0g
Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Boss Rush% 16:9 Scotland nuclearsheepd0g
Super Mario Galaxy Any% 16:9 USA DNVIC
Saturday, April 06, 2019
Rest Rest None Worldwide DNVIC
Wii Play All Games NG+ 16:9 USA DNVIC
Deep Sleep 100% Offline Worldwide DNVIC
Pikuniku Any% 16:9 England BGP
mari0 Any% OwnMappack 16:9 Scotland BGP
Sonic 2 Sonic Only 4:3 Netherlands BGP
The Simpsons: Hit And Run Chapter 1% 16:9 Scotland BGP
Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy Edition All Stories Any% 16:9 Taiwan Bigpro19000
Wii Fit Plus All Training Plus Games 16:9 USA BGP
Rest 100% Offline Worldwide BGP
Sonic R Any% No OoB 2x 16:9 USA & USA DNVIC
Super Mario 64 16 Star 4:3 USA DNVIC
Deltarune Any% NG+ 4:3 USA DNVIC
Wii Sports Resort All Sports 16:9 USA DNVIC
Wii Sports Resort Golf: 18 Holes 2x 16:9 Canada & UK DNVIC
Shaq Fu Story Mode: Easy 4:3 USA DNVIC
Thank You's 100% 16:9 USA and Netherlands DNVIC

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