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Story Mode DoubleDubbel
11 Exit HJA_RTA Category Change "In a 6"
Any% (US Version) Laxxus
Any% Laxxus
All Stages werking34
Any% Normal jphpue
100% (Legacy Collection) jakobdoesathing
Any% NMG VaeVictusBR
Any% shimegabriel
Mega Man shimegabriel
1 Loop ProInfernape
Any% ProInfernape Pet the Dog
NMG Master Sword iraqvet0304 / CrebleStar No Save & Quit
100% mangort
All Exits kharjacker Save or Kill Yoshi (Bid War)
Any% Dayoman
Any% Miinfin
Saturday, June 26, 2021
Glitchless ThePhantomire
JP Sheena (Lab/Surrender) ThePhantomire Secret Ending
Easy - Ninja - Arcade ThePhantomire Halloween Mode
Any% DoubleDubbel
Normal Vertz505
Any% Relaxed Vertz505
Any% hedweg
Any% tHiAgOcH
Any% tHiAgOcH
Any% AgentWyvern
100% MooMooAkai
Any% Nightmare, Veteran Laxxus
Any% Eagleeye_Jones
Any% (Eric Normal) VaeVictusBR / CastelodoVania1
Any% TwoCplus
Open All Tomes hedweg Pull Yooka's Tail
Any% bassguy4
All Exits kharjacker
Any% (Emulator) geoplaysgaming
Bass (Easy) ProInfernape
Any% FlyXSR
Any% (Power-Suit Only) siberianbull9
Rush Only TAS Moonkues
Any% iraqvet0304
NG Casual Glitchless lethargicwaldo The full baby experience
Sunday, June 27, 2021
Any% Dyanketo Shadow Color Bid War
Any% Rockman Race werking34
Any% No OoB (Normal) TheMegaMar
GP All Cups: Co-op Strongest Link (PAL) KVD / Lafungo Mushroom Cup Versus GP
Very Hard tHiAgOcH
Any% tHiAgOcH
Any% (Genesis) janglestorm
No OoB Laxxus
Any% bassguy4
All Stages FFz_Omega
Story Mode Easy young_xorn / TempestMask1000 Top 2 Character Bid War
Spyro 1 120% wereNwolf Spyro Color Bid War
Any% janglestorm
Any% (Zero Mission) TempestMask1000
Randomizer iraqvet0304 / CrebleStar
100% Normal Glitchless Vertz505
Story Mode VintageClassicGamer Change TMNT hat every donation
All Levels SushiFT5 Final Boss Colorblind
Monday, June 28, 2021
Guitar% CrebleStar

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