PJFR3 Schedule

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunnerDonation Incentives
Any% MyOhMyke Play DLC Courses
16 Star Deinol
Vortex YW1 Credits Skip Showcase
Glitchless Benjee Powerless Djinn Blindfolded
Any% EmeraldAly Change run to 100% instead of Any%
Any% LinkaMeister Character Bid War
Twitch Plays Marathon Runners
Any% (0.73) Race LinkaMeister and Count Gooby Save or Kill the Animals
Corruption Any% Dragolinas Gooby + Dragolina Voiceover
Saturday, March 31, 2018
Any% Co-op Pukeattack and Garfm
Any% Benjee Protagonist Name | Partner Name | Team Name Bid Wars
Inbounds Mikezi
God Mode Specter Knight Veli0r Cheat Code Bid War
Any% Veli0r
Any% JuegAriel
Lucia New Game + PeterAfro Change run to NG instead (EST - 1:00)
Any% ItsMaximum
Any% LinkaMeister Clothing Bid War
Beat the Game GhostSenpai
Any% Warpless Count Gooby Wear Yoshi Costume During Run
Subspace Emissary swc19 In-Game Tag
Bidwar between Classic and Allstar Dragolinas In-Game Tag
Classic Mode Helix In-Game Tag
All Events Solo Race Helix, Shadrake, Swanner In-Game Tag
All-Stages 1 Player GhostSenpai Change run to Any%
Sunday, April 01, 2018
Any% (No Item Glitch) GhostSenpai
Any% PC xHotCoffee Collect All Alphabet Posters (+5 Mins)
Any% All Keys xHotCoffee Show Cutscenes
Any% JTNoriMaki Change run to All Dark Magic Category
Any% SloaTheDemon Character Names | Omnislash Bid War
Any% Veli0r
100% PAL Jules
Any% DarQ_Massacres
Any% DarQ_Massacres
All Musical Stages Nimehr Save or Kill the Teensies | Character Selection
Any% Audio Enabled (Marathon) MyOhMyke No Matches
Pokey% MyOhMyke Character Names | Bring Paula Home | Start Credits
96 Shines Jules

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