PJFR4 Schedule

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Glitchless YESr
Any% XYX
16 Star Deinol
Any% Glitchless SLWeed Rival Name, Starter Name, Character Name
Any% Warpless Count Gooby Wear Yoshi Costume During the Run
Tails Matthew10Wilson
All Levels swc19
Target Test Level 1 + All-Star Mode + Boss Battles CountGooby
Any% Ramanujan
100% Ramanujan Quiddich% Bonus Run
Saturday, July 07, 2018
Any% Glitchless (No Math) SloaTheDemon Ramza's name, Generics names (2 female casters, 1 male ninja), get beowulf
PJ% Jabro
All Cups (No Skips) TheEpicFlame
Any% XYX
Any% Jabro
Any% Easy LinkaMeister
Sonic: Beat the Game (Race) JasperTheFish + Matthew10Wilson Sonic CD Plus Plus Any% Bonus Run
Story Mode (Race) Count Gooby + CMDR + LinkaMeister Difficulty Bid War, Category Bid War (Story Mode vs. Ex Story Mode), Sing" Always Smiling" in 5-1, Play the Ending Credits Dance Block
Japanese Meme Song% Ghost Senpai
Skrillex - Rock N' Roll (5 Stars Blindfolded) Ghost Senpai
Any% Ghost Senpai Watch Cutscenes (+5 minutes)
Any% (Yunica) PC TheEpicFlame
Subspace Emissary swc19 In-Game Tag Super Speed Bros
Super Smash Block Dragolina In-Game Tag
Sunday, July 08, 2018
Beat the Game (Any%) DarQ_Massacre
All Rooms ItsMaximum
Story Easy (Audio + Cutscenes) Count Gooby Turn on audio (+ 30 seconds), Watch Cutscenes (+5 minutes) | Both Met!
Any% Silo_Simon bonus new game plus run or low% run
Any% DarQ_Massacre
Challenge DarQ_Massacre
Any% TMStage Don't Skip No Russian
Any% RampantEpsilon Complete the Festival
Specter of Torment Category bid war Amps Category Bid War
Any% Resistingframe Mega Man Block
Buster Only Resistingframe
Any% XYX
40 Tokens XYX
Any% Warpless Ghost Senpai Filename (8 characters), NTSC vs. Pal Bidward
Any% LinkaMeister
Easy Any% LinkaMeister
Any% (No OOB) SloaTheDemon
Any% (Race) Count Gooby + LinkaMeister Save or Kill the Animals
All Time Pieces (Race) TheEpicFlame + YarnRabbit Give Timepiece to Mustache bidwar
Any% Qazplm Bracken's costume (default, Goldpaw Costume); Roland's outfit(default, Swordsman's Robe, Shabby Coat); Leander's outfit (default, Regal Attire); Audio voices (English vs Japanese)

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