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100% Co-op LiamOrovec, Nixxoman, Myelin_sr
100% lFlo203
100% WhipCPL
100% StarrlightSims
100% Nixxoman
100% Cynaschism
Any% RagingRedneck
Saturday, August 10, 2019
Freeplay TheWritingScribe
Any% StarrlightSims
Minigames Race Robota, Marczeslaw
Any% Race LiamOrovec vs The Dream Team
Any% Myelin_sr
100% AnimeGameKid
Sunday, August 11, 2019
100% StarrlightSims
Replay Story RunLikeAJ
Glitchless Race Nixxoman, EmilyPloszaj
Any% Race MikeKatz, StarrlightSims, Zinfogel
All Crests Race AffinityCat, RunLikeAJ, Nixxoman
Voice Controlled Hogwarts Cup McZolly92
Hogwarts Cup Race McZolly92, Myelin_sr, StarrlightSims
Any% Race Nitrofski, RagingRedneck, DylWingo
100% Race LiamOrovec, Cynaschism

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