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ScheduledEstimateRunnerDescriptionDonation Incentive
CaptainCainer Opening statements and setup N/A
Cainer Bad Luck % N/A
juh0 Any% N/A
Minifridgeinthia Any% N/A
Xerclipse NG+ God Mode (30 min run on day 2)
thebpg13 Beat the game - Very Easy N/A
Zwataketa Randomizer Scavenger
Saturday, December 14, 2019
PaulSaltine Any% N/A
Retroid99 & Ophi Any% N/A
ripWSB Any% N/A
Tundra83 Any% N/A
Cainer N/A N/A
juh0 [1] NG Easy, [2] Any%, [3] Easy/Easy N/A
Kiwami Any% - Praline N/A
ripWSB Any% N/A
Sunday, December 15, 2019
Zwataketa All Wrong Ends N/A
ZeeGee_ Beat the game N/A
Faefootball Any% N/A
Demonic Chapters 1 and 2
Cainer N/A N/A
CaveQuest 100% 100%
Benedictatorr Glitchless N/A
Benedictatorr All Pickups Spitfire Mini-game
Benedictatorr Glitchless N/A
Monday, December 16, 2019
Benedictatorr Episode 1 Any% N/A
Benedictatorr Any% N/A
Stunt_sr Any% Choose Zeke or Julie
Stunt_sr Any% N/A
CaptainCainer Worse Luck % N/A
Admiral Any% N/A
Crunan Best Ending N/A
HorrorDoesSpeedRuns & Xeno No Out of Bounds N/A

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