Pre-ESA Online Marathon

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ScheduledEstimateRunner(s)Twitch Username(s)PlatformCategoryDonation Incentives
Drako_dan Drako_dan PC Hero Story
Nord (Truljin) Truljin PC Any% Play HotLead ($75)
Nord (Truljin) Truljin PC Any%
tHmCs tHmCs PC Any%
Frozen_Frog Frozen_Frog PS2 All Masks Any% run ($60)
JohnUK89, Tenebrae JohnUK89, Tenebrae101 Genesis Any%
SocialSpeedrunner SocialSpeedrunner Wii Any%
MLSTRM, LewdDolphin, JayFermont, zer0skar_i MLSTRM, LewdDolphin, JayFermont, zer0skar_i PC/360/PS3 Any% Costumes
Saturday, January 30, 2016
Dactyly dactyly Playstation 100%
OllieNK OllieNK Gamecube Any% Operative Drake% ($25), Filename (14 chars)
jongyon7192p jongyon7192p PC Any%
unusualcook unusualcook Genesis Any%
Raikou99 Raikou99 Playstation Any% Showing Go Kart Section ($50)
Yoshipro101 Yoshipro101 N64 All Main Levels
Naegleria Naegleria Gamecube All Tracks Time Attack Play Shower with Your Dad Simulator ($100)
Naegleria Naegleria PC Inglorious Bathdads
AEBPlays AEBPlays PC Any% Filename (11 characters)
TalicZealot TalicZealot PC Any%
SuccinctAndPunchy SuccinctAndPunchy PC Any% Lilac
Ikewolf Ikewolf PC Any%
fatzke, Tezur0 Fatzke, Tezur0 PC Any%
Riekeltje, DerToSt Riekeltje, DerToSt PC Trophies (Base game + GoatZ)
KrusKader kruskader SMS No Credits Warp
Kyloviclp Kyloviclp GBC Any% Player/Totodile/Rival/Wooper names
Edenal, Tenebrae EdenalSDA, Tenebrae101 Genesis Any% Mickey Race
Edenal EdenalSDA Genesis Any% Play This Game! ($75)
EndySWE EndySWE NES Any%
EndySWE EndySWE NES Any%
EndySWE EndySWE NES Any% Bid war between Chip and Dale
EndySWE EndySWE NES Any%
btrim btrim SMS Any%
BBF, Famarok bbf_, Famarok PC Any% Dark Boshy, no Wrong Warp Beat Optional Bosses (Cheetahmen, Kappa), Any% run ($35 each)
flippy_o, toastrider91 flippy_o, toastrider91 N64 120 stars
ESA Team europeanspeedsterassembly PC Hype
Kinnin11 Kinnin11 PS3 NG+ All Brushes
Sttaner93 Sttaner93 GBC Any% Choose file name (5 chars), choose animal companion (Ricky the Kangoroo, Dimitri the Dodongo or Moosh the flying bear)
Sunday, January 31, 2016
RebelDragon95 RebelDragon95 PS3 Any% Beginner Bid war between Terra and Ventus
Pr0te Pr0te GBC Any%
Shaddex Shaddex PC All Main Quests Any% ($25)
Mumrik Janmumrik PC Any% (Yes) 2 seperate DLC's ($30 each)
SkiCrazedTeddy SkiCrazedTeddy Playstation 105%
MartinForslund, Evertrn MartinForslund. Evertrn Playstation Any%
CosmykTheDolfyn CosmykTheDolfyn PC Mines First
FingersTehHand FingersTehHand PS2 Any%
Incalex Inkalex PC Any%
Gyoo gyoo_ PC Any% (v1.12)
Onin ss_onin PC Any% Monsoon
Arzga Arzga PC Any% Easy
Draqu draqu_ PC 100%
Mobiusman, Eagle, LordAlu Mobiusman, makvaerk, LordAlu GBA 100%
flippy_o flippy_o N64 All Cups (Skips)
Ryedawg, (mizterconfusing?) ryedawg14, MizterConfuzing PC Any% Character choice (Pewdiepie/Marzia/Markiplier/CinnamonToastKen/jacksepticeye/cryaotic)
RoboSparkle Robo_Sparkle SMS Any% Reading out mission text in comic-book voice ($50)
Dutchj Dutchj Gamecube Any%
Vruche vruche SNES Any%
TalicZealot TalicZealot Playstation Alucard all bosses Save Richter Bid war
Monday, February 01, 2016
JockeMS JockeMS WiiU Any%
Everyone europeanspeedsterassembly

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