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Hype% Staff
Blind Race Brossentia ?
Any% Classic Cubsrule21 PC
Pleasant Dreams% Everyone Bed
Friday, May 31, 2024
Any% juh0rse PC
Any% Garlips PlayStation 2
No Skips wilifetti PlayStation
Dojo Domination (beginner) Timkario WiiU
Showcase (SP) Mina Angura PC
Showcase Cherry PC
Any% Easy juh0rse PlayStation 2
Any% - Current Patch Alara PC
100% All Gems All Chapters Showcase Heponwana PC
Glitches Showcase demonicmerma1d PC
Seeded Craft's Room (Coop) melmelmel1997, jakethescienceguy PC
"For The Animals" Glitched genesisprobe PC
Any% Glitchless 2P Ozmourn, selcouthmind PC
Touhou Any% BigScared PC
Any% - Normal Metroid Crime PlayStation 2
All Quests, All Aliens organMike MS-DOS
Any% Randomizer knuckleykong SNES
REM% Everyone Sofa
Saturday, June 01, 2024
Any% SMMidi 3DS
Normal RTA Iceblue Switch
Limitless - All Pride Flags - Twitch Chat Integration SchalaKitty PC
Any% Easy SongofSoil PC
Any% Security Co-op j0kerr, enbyzee PC
Any% Normal Mirrored race titanessnyx, soulmass218 PlayStation 5
Any% - European Extreme NickRPGreen PC
69/70 Unique Stunt Jumps AlolaGirly PC
Any% FoksMachine PC
Sunday, June 02, 2024
Counting Sheep% Everyone Hammock
Boogie% DerrickGnC SNES
All Sacred Water Droplets MsTruffles PC
Any% huds601 Apple Arcade
Sonic vs Knuckles bid war - Beat the Game brokenhyperlink GameGear
Amy - New Game+ (No Major Glitches) SnowballSMB PC
All Activities (Max Score) - Emulator brokenhyperlink Genesis
Tales' Story vs Amy's Story race (bid war) DreamTora, BeamQueenSol PC
Beat The Game (Amy) FawkesRocks PC
Beat the Game DerrickGnC PC
Any% (Minimum Tech) TempestMask1000 PC
Any% NG+ wolfbloxer06 PC
All Achievements TheeMaskedMango PC
Any% Heponwana PC
Emotions% Staff

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