Playstation 25th Anniversary Marathon

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Any% Kongcakes
Any% theRPGchick
Casual Vriaeliss
Any% (Die Hard 1) Cypherin
Any% (Die Hard With a Vengeance) Cypherin
Any% Leon A LRock617
Saturday, September 05, 2020
Any% Aphotic_Ktulu
Any% (Easy) Cypherin
Any% infinitemystery
All Levels UnFantasmaMas
Cutscene% UnFantasmaMas
Any% (PS1) UnFantasmaMas
Beat the Game UnFantasmaMas
Hiryu% + Hien% Cypherin, infinitemystery
Any% Cypherin
Dragon% theRPGchick
Lose a Game UnFantasmaMas
Vanna% baldnate
Win a Game (Easy) smartalec24
Any% davidtki
Any% Arcade (Easy) Vriaeliss
Sunday, September 06, 2020
Any% (Easy) Vriaeliss
Any% Arcade Vriaeliss
Unlock Theater Mode, 1 Round (Easy) LRock617
Get Real LRock617
Bosses (Real Hardware) LRock617
Cutscene% Outworld
Any% Claude starlordria
Any% Very Easy TheThreeTwo
Any% (No Game Over Abuse) UnFantasmaMas
Any% (No Item Glitch) UnFantasmaMas
Any% Warpless UnFantasmaMas
Win a Game Vriaeliss
Tournament All Events Vriaeliss
Any% dat1niceguy
Any% dat1niceguy
Any% LRock617
Any% Aphotic_Ktulu
Any% w/ memory transfers pmcTRILOGY
Any% proa007
Monday, September 07, 2020
Sleep% RGLtv Staff

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