Power Up With Pride 2019

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100% NES Kirbs2002 - They/Them vs. Sparkover - She/They
All Bosses PC Varldin - She/Her
Any% GCN Glackum - He/Him
Glitchless PC Biglaw - He/Him
Any% GBC WinnerBit - Any
Any% PC Pringle_Daddy - He/Him
All A's Genesis FreyasSpirit - plural They/Them vs. Pringle_Daddy - He/Him
Any% Virtual Boy Witchs_Hex - She/Her
No Star World SNES nathanisbored - He/Him
Any% NES JabemX - He/Him
Any% Princess Only NES claireic - She/Her
30 Star PC loohhoo - She/They
All Triangles (Full Map) PC DrunkWario
Any% C64 Brossentia - He/Him
120% PS1 Valen_the _Dragon - He/Him
Saturday, June 08, 2019
100%, Fighter MS-DOS davidtki - He/Him
Any% PS2 Jaxler1 - He/Him
All Main Levels N64 yp__ - He/Him
Any% Full Shuffle NES Demerine2 - She/Her vs GliitchWiitch - She/Her
Any% Genesis lizstar - She/Her
Any% No Save Corruption Game Boy tenguliam - He/Him
Any% Arcade janglestorm - He/Him
Any% Beginner PS4 tpspeedrunning
Gamma's Story PC ConklesToTheMax - She/Her
Any% GCN FocusSight - He/Him
Any% 2 Players, 1 Controller Genesis AmberCyprian - She/They vs TGH_sr - He/Him
Any% PC Kaeldori - She/Her
All Stages PC BelthicGaming - He/Him
Any% NES fruitbatsalad - He/Him
Gauntlet Mode PC halfcoordinated - He/Him
Any% PC Vulajin - He/Him
100% Switch ikuyo_194 - She/Her
True Ending NMG PC AlexxaEmber
True Ending Wii n3rd_squared - He/Him
New Game Leon A (120) PC Archariat - He/They
Any% Xbox One Starwin
Sunday, June 09, 2019
Any% NES Kuumba_
Any% Ladies' Night SNES Demerine2 - She/Her vs moonblazewolf - He/Him vs sylverfyre - They/Them vs MaggieTheKatt - They/Them
The Super Chum Bucket Plug and Play killingpepsi - He/Him
All Red Berries PC TGH_sr - He/Him
Any% Sega Saturn walkingeye - He/Him
Story Mode PS1 kariohki
Subspace Emissary Any% Co-Op Wii RubberDuckyAssassin - He/Him vs swc19 - He/Him
Any% PC Lordmau5 - He/Him
Napalm-less SNES ZandraVandra - She/Her
Any% PC dijonketchup - She/Her
Musical Showcase / 100% NMG NES megmacAttack - She/Her, mustbetuesday - They/Them
Guest Star - Mage Sisters Switch LaurieDBunnykins - She/Her
Story Mode Easy SNES Carnage_Raiser vs. CountGooby - He/Him vs. Komaru - He/Him vs. plof27
Any% GBA Mr_Shasta - He/Him
100% Item SNES FreyasSpirit - plural They/Them vs. plof27 vs. Komaru - He/Him vs. Starisms
Randomizer (Consternation Flagset) NES Theseawolf1 - He/Him vs. AmazingToaster vs. Skybilz - She/Her vs. Tetraly - She/Her
Crowd Control Race SNES Andy - He/Him vs. azder - He/They vs. Emosaru - She/Her

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