Power Up With Pride 2020

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AVIB (Normal) PC 2016 LaurieDBunnkyins (She/Her)
NG - No Major Glitches PC 2016 LaurieDBunnkyins (She/Her)
Any% PC 2019 Biglaw (He/Him)
10 TM PC 2016 Starisms (They/She)
Any% Xbox One 2013 dijonketchup (She/Her)
Any% PC 2018 SloaTheDemon (He/Him)
It's a mystery It is also a mystery 2020 Four Victims - I mean - Volunteers
100% GCN 1997 Nimputs (He/Him)
Sonic's Story PC 2003 Nimputs (He/Him)
Sonic’s Story (No MSG) Xbox 360 2006 Flubbler, FocusSight (He/Him), Ghastslayer914, wike
Any% Wii 2005 Jaxler1 (He/Him)
Any% No LSG Xbox 360 2009 Jaxler1 (He/Him)
Saturday, June 13, 2020
Any% NBS PS4 2018 SableDragonRook
Career Any% (NG) PC 2006 fGeorjje (He/Him)
Any% PS4 2016 SableDragonRook
Any% Sega Genesis 1992 MadMegaX381 (He/Him)
Any% NES 1990 MadMegaX381 (He/Him)
Any% GBC 2000 StarlordRia (She/Her)
Any% PC 1990 davidtki (He/Him)
All Cups 150cc (Skips) N64 1996 SuperViperT302 (He/Him)
Any% Luigi Wii 2007 MutantsAbyss (She/Her), PodzDragon (He/They)
All Castles Switch 2019 mchan338
Any% Warpless NES 1988 Skybilz (She/Her)
Hard Any% Zipless GBA 2001 Mr_Shasta (He/Him)
Any% Glitchless GB 1990 leggystarscream (She/Her)
All Dreams% DOS 1988 GliitchWiitch (She/Her)
No Upgrade Disable PC 2019 bonkstrats (He/Him)
Any% GBA 2003 Trysdyn (They/Them)
All Stages Easy Gamecube 2001 8BitsGr8 (He/Him)
All songs Dreamcast 2000 arborelia (She/Her)
Sunday, June 14, 2020
Any% (Normal Mode) PC 2015 killingpepsi (He/They), Sean_AB (He/Him)
Do The Thing PC 2018 FalxGuarde (They/Them)
Easy PC 2002 FreyasSpirit (They/Them) (plural)
Showcase PC 2001 FreyasSpirit (They/Them) (plural)
Showcase PC 2018 silentblackcat (She/They/Voi)
Any% Master Mode PS2 2001 GarbiTheGlitcheress (She/Her)
Normal/Classic Black Eagles Switch 2019 moonblazewolf (He/Him)
4 Trips - 16 Rounds TurboGrafx-16 1984 LattMackey (He/Him)
Any% Genesis 1993 drex23 (He/Him)
Warpless TurboGrafx-16 1990 LattMackey (He/Him)
NG Human (Console) Xbox One 2019 THEhoboGaming_ (He/Him)
Any% GBC 1998 dijonketchup (She/Her), leggystarscream (She/Her)
1 Player Stadium (Super Hard) N64 2000 FFRPro21
100% SNES 2019 LinkaMeister (He/Him)
Co-op - 2 player 100% SNES 1994 Komaru (He/Him), plof27 (She/They)
Glitchless PC 2007 StebMcDreb (She/Her)
Any% Single character Easy PS4 2016 Demerine2 (She/Her)
Any% US PS1 1997 kariohki
Officer DLC Any% Switch 2016 SailorNep (She/Her)
Chapter 9: Farewell PC 2018 frozenflygone (She/Her), swc19
Glitchless Switch 2019 mchan338

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