Power Up With Pride 2021

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100% Nintendo 64 1997 tridenttail (He/Him)
Glitch% NES 1992 ryan_ford522
Hard SNES 1994 garbiglitcheress (She/Her)
Any% Easy SNES 1993 glitchcat7 (He/Him)
Any% (SNES) SNES 1991 LinkaMeister (He/Him)
100% DS 2008 mr_shasta (He/Him)
Inbounds No SLA PC 2007 artisiole (She/Her)
True Ending PC 2021 seckswrecks (They/Them)
True Ending PC 2018 Comet (He/Him)
Glyph any% PC 2018 frozenflygone (She/They)
3 Weapons RTA PC 2020 moonblazewolf (He/Him)
NG+ No OOB PC 2020 jaxler1 (He/Him)
Tasty PC 2021 seckswrecks (They/Them)
100% Bidwar: Thief vs Magic-User PC 2008 davidtki (He/Him)
Saturday, June 05, 2021
Full Game PC 2011 ikuyo (She/Her)
Any% PlayStation Portable 2007 leggystarscream (She/Her)
All Events - Solo Wii 2011 seldomseenkid (He/Him)
Full Game PC 2017 Crrool (He/Him)
All Bosses PlayStation 5 2020 sabledragonrook (She/Her)
Any% Saturn 1994 alaskanemily (She/Her)
Any% Game Boy Player 1998 konceptionSR (He/Him)
100% TurboGrafx-16 1989 vanni_van (He/Him)
Maria Only TurboGrafx-16 1993 lattmackey (He/Him)
Any% Race TurboGrafx-16 1993 lattmackey (He/Him) , dogveloper (He/Him)
Beat The Game PC 1998 Argick (He/Him)
Knuckles All Emeralds NMG Switch 2020 SkullsAndCupcakes (She/They)
Silver's Story (No Credits Warp) Xbox 360 2006 Focus (He/Him)
All Bosses PC 2020 KindaNerdyHW (She/Her)
Any% Xbox 360 2007 alkamaass (any pronouns)
Normal 50 PC 2018 killingpepsi (He/They)
Floor 5 (Normal, Mild, No Loops) PC 2019 Kailaria (She/Her)
No Major Skips PlayStation 5 2020 konceptionSR (He/Him)
Swiss% SNES 1991 sylverfyre (They/Them)
Any% PlayStation 2009 therpgchick (She/They)
Sunday, June 06, 2021
Any% Neo Geo CD 1995 teapartycthulu (They/Them)
Arcade% PC 1999 teapartycthulu (They/Them)
Any% PC 2011 peachyzora619 (He/Him)
Be Gentle-Speed PC 2020 ZELLLOOO (He/Him)
Any% No CE Gamecube 2002 Nestani (He/Him), TFxMortal (He/Him)
Any% Turbo PC 2010 snowymoogle (He/Him)
Normal Game Any% Sega Saturn 1996 heyitsperk (He/Him)
Any% NES 1990 madmegax381 (He/Him)
Any% NES 1989 npc_lives (He/Him)
Heck% NES 1991 gliitchwiitch (She/Her), karma_dragoness (She/Her)
Any% Game Boy Advance 2002 frozenflygone (She/They)
All Collectables (No Major Glitches) PC 2020 ori_sky (They/Them)
SNES - Easy SNES 1994 AirAngel (She/Her)
Arts & Crafts With Tokyoscarab PC 1990 Tokyoscarab (He/Him)
100% Xtreme Mode Game Boy Color 2001 Focus (He/Him)
Any% PC 2020 tpasalt (He/Him)
Any% Gamecube 2003 ZELLLOOO (He/Him)
Any% PC 2021 saberamesia (She/Her)
World Randomizer SNES 1994 FreyasSpirit(They/Them), garbiglitcheress (She/Her) , Stars (Ae/Aer), asystemofvibrantcolors (They/She)
100% PC 2015 saberamesia (She/Her)
Cross-Keys Randomizer 3v1 Race SNES 1991 pinkkittyrose VS zandravandra (She/Her) , gliitchwiitch (She/Her) , arborelia (She/Her)

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