Power Up With Pride 2022

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Kanto Champion (Autoclicker) PC 2017 KaguyaNicky (She/Her)
Beat Kleavor Nintendo Switch 2022 KaguyaNicky (She/Her) , leggystarscream (She/Her)
Any% Xbox Series S 2007 garbitheglitcheress (She/Her)
All Helmets PC 2016 lordfluffy(They/Them)
Reverse Boss Order (No Save Glitch) PC 2017 isbullets (any)
All Relics (No Major Skips) PC 2022 ori_sky (They/Them)
100% All Keys 1CC NES 1987 IceBlue (He/Him)
No LSD PC 2005 yoshipro (Any)
Any% Small Maps Quintet PC 2020 Flannelkat (She/Her), npc_lives (He/Him), peaceegg (He/Him), brossentia (He/Him)
Randomizer SNES 1992 therpgchick (She/They)
Saturday, June 11, 2022
100% PC 2013 Ozmourn (He/Him)
Any% PC 2014 killingpepsi (He/They)
Any% Normal GBC 2000 Flannelkat (She/Her)
Three Chapters PC 2021 ferric_fox (He/Him)
Any% PC 2021 CorundumCore (She/They)
Any% Easy SNES 1994 janglestorm (He/Him)
Any% Genesis 1995 janglestorm (He/Him)
Any% Easy Shuffle NES 1989/1993 Bloupeuh (She/Her)
Any% NES 1992 Bloupeuh (She/Her)
NG+ Seedless PC 2021 glitchcat7 (He/Him)
Amber Island Bridge PC 2019 piper1618 (They/Them)
Scenario Mode Normal Genesis 1993 ArcaniaCQ (They/Them)
Any% (Wii) WiiU 2007 SuperViperT302 (He/Him)
Jumi%: Bomb Shop Switch 2021 mechalink (He/Any)
Beat the Game - Glitchless Genesis 1991 metroidcrime (She/Her)
Sonic - All Emeralds PC argick (He/Him)
Beat the Game SMS 1993 argick (He/Him)
All Levels Wii 2009 juh0rse (He/Him)
any% Hyper Playstation 1999 juh0rse (He/Him)
NG Any% PC 2021 DemonchildElise (She/Her)
Any% - Ekoro, Normal PC 2017 Kiwami (She/They)
Any% PC 2016 Kiwami (She/They), TempestMask1000
Bullet Heck Rhythm Game Showcase iOS 2022 Kailaria (She/Her)
Showcase (SP) PC 2020 Okapi (She/Her)
All Cassettes PC 2018 carrarium (She/Her)
All Red Berries PC 2021 piper1618 (They/Them)
Any% Pirate Mode (No OoB) PC 2014 LaurieDBunnykins (She/Her)
All Golden Feathers PC 2019 LaurieDBunnykins (She/Her)
All Bosses PC 2016 Jaxler (He/Him)
Any% Tasty PC 2021 killingpepsi (He/They)
Any% no Credits Warp SNES 1991 vanni_van (He/Him)
Sunday, June 12, 2022
any% NES 1992 vanni_van (He/Him)
100% GameGear 1991 sharif (He/Him)
Shuffler PC sharif (He/Him)
any% GBC 1999 Brossentia (He/Him)
All Levels, Without DLC PC 2021 that1cl0ud (They/Them)
Mama% 50 Days Switch 2017 SushiKishi (He/Him)
Mama% Switch 2021 SushiKishi (He/Him)
Any% Saturn 1995 alaskanemily (She/Her)
Rookie League PC 2003 proasek (He/Him/She/Her)
Any% Switch 1987 Lady_Starbird (She/Her)
Warpless 3DS 2012 mchan338
Hard Settings, Level 30 MS-DOS 1986 arborelia (She/Her)
Any% Genesis 1991 ZELLLOOO (He/Him)
Trainee Any% PC 1995 ZELLLOOO (He/Him)
No Logic, 7/6 Crystal Bosses SNES 1991 arborelia (She/Her)
Any% TG-16 1989 lattmackey (He/Him)
Story Mode (Medium) XboxOneS 2019 TempestMask1000
100% SNES 2019 LinkaMeister (He/Him)
any% No Wrong Warps Shuffler SNES 1993 Skybilz (She/They)
DX Mode PC 2021 SlosherWailord (They/He/She), Helix (They/Them)
Master Mode + Reverse Mode Arcade 1998 eon (She/Her)
Dark Ending PC 2010 killingpepsi (He/They)
Chat Plays Randomizer SNES 1994 freyasspirit (They/Them plural)
Current Patch Any% PC 2017 Allison8Bit (She/Her)

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