Power Up With Pride 2023

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Mega Man Network Transmission Any% ZELLLOOO (he/him) Gamecube 2003
Kirby's Dream Land Any% (Normal Mode) Bloupeuh (she/they) Gameboy 1992
Blanc Any% 2-Players Ozmourn (he/him), happybythree (they/them) PC 2023
The Ultimate DOOM UV-Speed ZELLLOOO (he/him) PC 1995
Incredible Crisis Any% Juh0rse (he/him) Playstation 2000
Final Fantasy XIV Palace of the dead - Floors 181-190 - Solo Reaper paulineragny (she/her) PC 2013
Kirby: Planet Robobot Meta Knightmare Returns mr_shasta (he/him) 3DS 2016
Metroid Dread Any% No Major Glitches Short Boost (Rookie Mode) jay_yeen (they/them) Nintendo Switch 2021
Super Metroid A Button Challenge freyasspirit (they/them plural) SNES 1994
LOCKED GAME 1: Hollow Knight Godseeker% sawayoshi (they/them) PC 2017
Fashion Police Squad Any% danejerus (he/him) PC 2022
Costume Quest Any% vanni_van (he/him) PC 2010
Saturday, June 24, 2023
Neutopia 100% vanni_van (he/him) TG16 1989
Dungeons of Dredmor Dwarven Moderation rujasu (they/them) Linux 2011
Soul Blazer Any% TheAxeMan SNES 1992
WaiWai Check Showcase mooware (he/him) SNES 1995
Simona's Requiem Any% MsTruffles (she/her) PC 2021
Zaccaria Pinball Two-Game Showcase arborelia (she/her), randomsalience (she/her), Kailaria (she/her) PC 2016
Wizards and Warriors 3: Kuros: Visions of Power Any% GrayGooGirl (she/they) NES 1992
Cytus α Showcase ZELLLOOO (he/him) Nintendo Switch 2019
La-Mulana Remake Any% No Laptop Glitch Kirobsi (doe/doe) PC 2012
Puyo Puyo Tsu Any% Hardest ArcaniaCQ (they/them) Nintendo Switch 1994
Sonic Adventure (Knuckles, Amy, Gamma 4-way race) Small Stories (K. A. G.) Race Matoi (he/they), Risuruuu (she/they), shovelclaws (it/its), nimputs (he/him) PC 2011
Sonic Adventure (Tails 2-way race) Tails' Story Race Matoi (he/they), Risuruuu (she/they) PC 2011
Mega Man 6 Any% madmegax381 (he/him) NES 1993
Mega Man II (Atari Demake) Any% SushiKishi (he/him) Atari? 2017
LOCKED GAME 2: Super Kiwi 64 50 Gems shovelclaws (it/its) PC 2022
VVVVVV Glitchless Any% (Race) MetroidCrime (she/any), IndyVillain (he/him) PC 2010
Super Mario Odyssey Talkatoo% cheesejayy (they/them) Nintendo Switch 2017
Final Fantasy 4: Free Enterprise 4/7 Objectives - Wild Chests GrayGooGirl (she/they) SNES 1991
Superliminal All Collectibles Ozmourn (he/him) PC 2019
Remorse: The List Glitchless Fatherless% AstridTheHorrorGirl (she/her) PC 2022
Deathsmiles Mega Black Label 1.1 - Sakura All Stages - High Score Showcase raelcun (they/them) PC 2007
Sunday, June 25, 2023
Galaxy Trucker Crime% arborelia (she/her) PC 2019 4_3-1p
LOVE 3 100% Charbunny (she/her) PC 2021 16_9-1p
Aragami New Game No Out of Bounds amyrlinn (he/him) PC 2016 16_9-1p
I'll Invaligate Your Aid All Endings SushiKishi (he/him) PC 2023 16_9-1p
RAGE Any% (Jump Fix) danejerus (he/him) PC 2011 16_9-1p
Nex Machina Rookie Any% asuka424 (she/her) Playstation 5 2017 16_9-1p
Give me Toilet Paper! Hand% asuka424 (she/her) Nintendo Switch 2023 16_9-1p
Transistor Low% jenkar (any pronouns) PC 2014 16_9-1p
Lone Fungus Selfish Ending sawayoshi (they/them) PC 2023 16_9-1p
Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix EX Story Mode (Very Hard difficulty) Risuruuu (she/they) Gamecube 2005 4_3-1p
Metroid: Scrolls 6 100% LinkaMeister (he/him) Gameboy Advance 2021 gba-1p
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge Challenge (Easy) cassasaur (they/them) Gameboy Color 2000 gb-1p
Pokemon Snap Any% JagsyRedPanda (he/him) Nintendo Switch VC 1999 4_3-1p
Pokemon Scarlet Starfall Street Trivvaria (she/her) Nintendo Switch 2022 16_9-1p
Whiplash Any% Jaxler (he/him) Xbox 2003 4_3-1p
Spelunky 2 All Shortcuts + Tiamat Hazazel (she/it) PC 2020 16_9-1p
Quest for Glory 5: Dragon Fire Any% No Assassin Skip Race davidtki (he/him), Lemming (he/him) PC 1998 4_3-2p
Suzuki Bakuhatsu Any% Easy juh0rse (he/him) Playstation 2 2000 4_3-1p
Kirby: Star Allies Guest Stars ???? Star Allies Go! - The Three Mage-Sisters mr_shasta (he/him) Nintendo Switch 2018 16_9-1p
Burger King Games Have it Your Way Showcase Konception (he/him) Xbox 2006 16_9-1p
Lil' Gator Game Any% shovelclaws (it/its) PC 2022 16_9-1p
QT Full Game - All Achievements Pcol (she/they) PC 2020 16_9-1p
LIVE A LIVE Single Chapter Incentive SushiKishi (he/him) Nintendo Switch 2022 16_9-1p
LOCKED GAME 3: Chained Echoes Any% No CW - Fresh File moonblazewolf (he/they) PC 2022 16_9-1p
Super Mario World Archipelago Solo Randomizer - 5 bosses Kailaria (she/her) SNES 1991 4_3-1p
Super Lesbian Animal RPG Any% (Easy) LeggyStarscream (she/her) PC 2022 16_9-1p
LOCKED GAME 4: Sayonara Wild Hearts TAS Ikuyo (she/her), dwangoac (he/him) Mac 2019 16_9-1p
Monday, June 26, 2023
FINALE! Another Great Event% Everyone

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