Power Up With Pride 2024

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Arrange Original PC raelcun (they/them)
Showcase Arcade ZELLLOOO (he/him)
Any% (1 Player) Arcade TempestMask1000 (he/him)
Majima Saga Any% PlayStation 4 OGHappyDude (he/him)
Any% PC AstridTheHorrorGirl (she/her)
Special Agent PC Ozmourn (he/him)
Any% (Iris) MS-DOS davidtki (he/him)
Any% PC Symystery (he/him)
Friday, June 14, 2024
100% Rested Everyone
Ephraim Route GBA Nestani (he/him)
Any% Warps PC aggythearon (they/she)
14 Patches PC atwentysomethingloser (she/her)
Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! - Character Bidwar Switch BeamQueenSol (She/Her)
Any% PC shovelclaws (it/its)
Any% GBA WinnerBit (they/she)
Lock Out Bingo Wii Jaxler (he/him) vs Kobazco (they/she)
All Trophies - 250cc (600kb) Java brokenhyperlink (she/all)
All Activities (Max Score) - Emulator Genesis brokenhyperlink (she/all)
Nocturne Any% Switch sean_ab (he/him)
All Levels PC sean_ab (he/him)
Any% SNES mechalink (he/all)
Any% GBC WinnerBit (they/she)
Any% PC Asuka424 (she/her)
Rando PC nolamiamada (she/her), GrayGooGirl (She/They), arborelia (she/her), Flannelkat (she/her)
Saturday, June 15, 2024
Plushie Shuffle, No Dreams skip Everyone
Any % Switch SMMidi (he/they)
Find Mode - All Items - Random PC SchalaKitty (ze/hir)
Any% GBA spacecatsunited (it/they)
All Songs Trivial (No Tutorial) PC j0kerr (they/them)
Beat The Game (Amy) PC FawkesRocks (she/they)
Good Ending - No Major Glitches (Character Bidwar) PC argick (he/him)
Any% Mac huds601 (he/him)
100% PC seckswrecks (they/them)
Sacrifice Ending (Seeded) PC linkameister (he/him)
Any% No WW/OoB vs. No WW/OoB (No S+Q) - Category Bidwar GBC mchan338 (he/him)
Any% Casual PC asuka424 (she/her)
Any% PC NickRPGreen (he/him)
Any% JP No Death Statue Skip Genesis LadyErianna (she/her)
NG+ PC Mango (they/them)
Any% MS-DOS organMike (they/them)
Any% PC WanderingMind (he/they)
Any% - Race Flags SNES GrayGooGirl (she/they)
Sunday, June 16, 2024
Pajama League Settings Everyone
Any% SNES janglestorm (he/him)
Any% PC MsTruffles (she/her)
Showcase Pinball Flannelkat (she/her), arborelia (she/her)
Showcase PC Mina Angura (she/her)
Showcase PC Cherry (any/all)
Any%+DLC Glitchless PC soulmass218 (they/them)
Puzzle Mode Normal N64 mr_shasta (he/him)
Any% PC juh0rse (he/him)
Plant% Very Easy Playstation 5 Carrow (they/them)
Any% - Very Easy PC NickRPGreen (he/him)
Any% Normal Mirrored Playstation 5 Nyx (They/She) vs soulmass218 (they/them)
100% PC rubiks37 (they/them)
One Hand Any% PC SawaYoshi (they/them)
Monday, June 17, 2024
We Did It% PC Everyone who is awake

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