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blackdeathdoom PS2 Any% Legit
lisarox Switch Any% NG+
Nuhji PC NG+ Legendary
SchalaKitty PC Any% Solo Good Ending
Seriously_Surly PC Glitchless (Current Patch Any%)
kyoslilmonster PC Active Menu Glitch
CreativeEly Switch Any%
moonblazewolf PC True Ending
Tuesday, January 31, 2023
organMike PC Any%
organMike PC Any%
AlexisGoesMoo PS4 Any%
Mute_Mousou Wii Normal Mode (ENG)
ChampionBeef PC Normal True End
Solarcell007 PC Raymond Any% Earth
Allisele, Cubsrule21 SNES Adamant Cup - Musical Adamants Randomizer Race
Toorima PC Any% no credit warp
AeonFrodo DS Any%
Wednesday, February 01, 2023
LemmingRuns PC Any%
DragondarchSDA SNES Any%
farfe1u, HappyArtea, Hebinx, Oipo SNES Randomizer Race
crimson_ytb Famicon Any% no Save Corruption Zenithian Relay
mokoppoid Super Famicon Any% Glitchless Zenithian Relay
Thursday, February 02, 2023
3lis_game Super Famicon Any% Glitchless Zenithian Relay
hooligan_tf PC New Game (Keyboard)
AKDylie Wii Any% Glitchless Hunter
kyoslilmonster PC Any%
rhaco_dactylus PS2 Any% no Ace
Ayymart, ceaselessly, MelLovesGames PSX Any% Race
Friday, February 03, 2023
legrandgrand PC Any%
PXMacaiah PS3 Phantasmagoria Ending
UstraAhazu PC 100% Magic User
davidtki PC 100% Fighter
iICrowIi PC 100% Sorceress
cha0sTwitch PS2 Judy's Scenario
steamedhamswithcheese, TheSid_ PS5 NG+ Hard Any% Race
n3rd_squared Switch Any% No OOB
Zojalyx PC Any% NG
Saturday, February 04, 2023
EinderSpel PC Story%
lilliedesu PC New Game (Legendary)
Shemcat Switch Any% No Abilities
Dyne_Nuitari SNES Any% Sketch
Yoshi_Zilla, ZachLink99 Wii U Any% Race
CorporateImage SNES Any% RTA
vanni_van Xbox 360 Any%
Sunday, February 05, 2023
GhostKumo PC Any%
quadraaceps Switch Any%
TheCowness MSX Moyomoto RTA
Alphena PC Medium%
puwexil SNES Any% NMG/No Manipulation
Froob PS5 Any%
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