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Iceblue PC Any% (No qs Manip)
AurionSkydragon PC Any%
CorporateImage GBA 100% No Save & Quit
i1Crow1i Game Boy Warpless
CodeGorilla, Mattrick_, TheAxeMan301, TheSirArchibald NES Co-op Race 2 vs 2 Co-op Race
Tuesday, November 07, 2023
Xujhan SNES Glitchless
Aeshmah_ PS5 Any% Normal
ssylwer PC Any%
robdraven PC Any% No Major Glitches
ferric_fox, moonblazewolf PC Glitchless Any% Co-op
DragondarchSDA SNES Any% No Tune-Up Glitch
Wednesday, November 08, 2023
potaterhands PC Beat the Game
KaguyaNicky DS Any%
dowolff SNES 0194771%
megami_infini PC Forgotten Gods Any%
Kyoslilmonster PC Any% True Ending
CreativeEly 3DS Any%
Thursday, November 09, 2023
AeonFrodo Switch Beat the Game
organMike PC Tales of the Unknown: Modern Mode
TigerionDono PC Any%
TigerionDono PC Good Ending
ChampionBeef PC Any%
doubledubbel GCN Any%
WanderingMindSR PSP Any% Normal
Zellnuu PC Any% Easy
Freedom_Pulse97 Switch Normal True Neutral Ending
Friday, November 10, 2023
Z3R01337 PSTV 108 Star Best Ending
JonDBS PC A Professor Ending
PXMacaiah PS3 Normal Ending
PXMacaiah PC Normal Ending
eLmaGus SNES Any% no 64
RebelDragon95 PC Dragon Egg Saga (Normal)
FellVisage 3DS Any% (Casual)
Raclesis PC Wizard Any%
Shauny7188 Switch Any%
Saturday, November 11, 2023
GhostKumo N64 Gym Leader Castle (Round 1)
Plastic_Rainbow PC Any%
30Cents PSX JP Any%
leggystarscream PC All Quests
NorthRex SNES Any%
davidtki PC 100% (Fighter)
bombomb N64 New Journey
Sunday, November 12, 2023
anatoleu 3DS Any%
TheEndd0 PC TRC Normal Turbo 60 FPS
ChocoBungle, Leonis07 PC HD PC Any% Race
Bdewd SNES 100% Glitchless

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