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Previews and Interviews!
Orpheolus Switch NG+ Arts Inheritance
Sniperwave DS C Ending
Ris_Grestar PC Any% NG
Jaddo_ PC Any%
Kyoslilmonster PS4 Any%
Tuesday, November 09, 2021
ItsKasa PS4 Ending A Any% Glitchless
legrandgrand DS Any%
GhostKumo, harumaki44, na2na_rta, telajanis PC Toal (Easy) Race
cha0sTwitch PC All Scenarios w/ Carry Over
CasinoCoin PS2 Any% RTA
Dowolff PC Any%
haktical N64 Any%
pondoor PC Any%
Wednesday, November 10, 2021
RagnarAlvarr XBox Series X Any%
CosmykTheDolfyn PC Any% Legacy Edition
thesid PS5 Hard Any%
Elastoid SNES Any%
ryan_ford522 SNES Any%
sharfers Game Gear 100%
Angel_FM, ArchfieldMonk, DiabeetusThe2nd, Guelph35, Nimanva, ryguy3745, thilitilo, Zman050778 NES Tiebreaker Flags Tournament
Palmer PSX Any% J
Thursday, November 11, 2021
lilliedesu PC New Game (No Hope)
davidtki, iIcrowIi, misterprmiller PC Double Bingo Race
Ustraahazu PC Thief Any%
TheCowness PS4 Any%
javinat0r, jexvrok, kielbasiago_ SNES Any% Race
TheAxeMan301 NES Sheperd Any% No Luck Manip
Friday, November 12, 2021
Freedom_Pulse97 3DS Neutral Ending
Shauny7188 Switch NG+ Glitchless
Froob PC Any%
RKDylie Dreamcast Ver 1. Any%
Toorima Gameboy Any% Glitchless
Mechalink, theRPGchick Switch All Stories Race
Saturday, November 13, 2021
YMG-C (γ‚„γΎγŽγ—) WiiU Any% Online
RJsmangit PSTV Any%
iivgmii PC New Game Normal End
Llghtningleon, TatsuyaAct PC Any% Easy Race
DoubleDubbel Gamecube Any%
AxelSanGo PS5 Any% Featherless
primalpizza4 GB Any% Glitchless Classic
dwangoAC, TheAxeMan301 NES Four Fighters TAS
Sunday, November 14, 2021
JalBagel PC Xeno%
ssylwer PC True Ending
vanni_van NES Any%
deln, Poorscythe PC Any% Race
Pessilist PS4 Beginner Any% Character Bid War
AndyW3321 PC 100% Glitchless

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