Questing for Glory

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Start TimeEstimateRunnerCategoryPlatform
RyuQuezacotl Any% Super Nintendo
TranceQuina Any% Playstation 2
Dowolff Hero 30 Playstation Portable
Dowolff Evil Lord 30 Playstation Portable/PC
Gameboyf9 Any% NES
MrStarbird Any% No Major Glitches PC
GreenZSaber NG Any% (No DLC) Nintendo Switch
Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Lil_fatkid Any% Game Boy Advance
SloaTheDemon Any% No Math Playstation
CreativeEly Any% Nintendo 3DS
ItsKasa Ventus Critical Level 1 Any% Playstation 4
Riversmccown Any% PC
Rexdawn Any% Playstation 2
Toorima99 4 Monsters Game Boy
Wednesday, November 01, 2017
Professor_Palmer New Game Playstation
Cordellium Any% Playstation
DrunkenDraconian Any% Super Nintendo
Fire1520 Any% Nintendo Game Cube
GhostKingG1 Any% Nintendo DS
Puwexil Any% Glitchless Game Boy
Thursday, November 02, 2017
HolySmith Any% Sega CD
Smelly_Mctroll Any% NES
Toad22484 Any% NES
Toad22484 Any% NES
FellVisage Any% PC
Crrool, Niakky (Race) Any% Retry Mode Super Nintendo
Flesh177 Neutral Glitchless PC
Pidgezero_one Most of the Stuff Super Famicon
Lavitz951, SUMDeaner (Race) Dragonloop Super Famicon
Friday, November 03, 2017
DragondarchSDA Any% No Wild Warp NES
Nachoyacopu Any% Glitched Super Famicon
Pa_Sama Any% Super Nintendo
EvilAsh25 Good Ending Playstation
Crash6351 Any% Famicon
Shentok Any% Sega Saturn
Kyoslilmonster Any% Playstation 4
Saturday, November 04, 2017
PinkPajamas Any% PC
Deln Any% PC
Bichphuongballz Any% Sega Genesis
Toad22484 Any% Nintendo
Rislyeu, Couch-23, HolySmith, Puwexil (Race) Kefka at Narshe Super Nintendo
Sawneyrath11, Vanni-van, Penguin8r, Couch-23 (Race) Any% no CW Super Nintendo
Edgestream Any% NES
Sunday, November 05, 2017
Deathtome Any% Playstation 2
Silentsigil Any% PC
Kariohki Any% Sega Saturn
Rhythmsong Any% Turbografix-16
Backgroundguy02, Ukotunes, UltimoIce (Race) Any% Glichless Super Nintendo
iICrowIi Magic User 100% PC

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