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Crrool DS Any%
theRPGchick PS1 All Songs%
iICrowIi PC Any% Easy Difficulty
Noraystra GBA Any%
Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Vanni_van Turbografx-16 100%
BOWIEtheHERO Sega Mega Drive Any%
GhostKumo PC Toal EX
Claris Switch Black Eagles Normal/Classic
CreativeEly Switch Any%
Mikwuyma Sega Genesis Joke%
PeteDorr GBA Any%
DragondarchSDA, Mattrick_ NES Any% (Hard Mode Flags) Race
Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Shentok Game Gear 100%
Schtolteheim PS2 True Ending
Couch_23 SNES Any% Glitchless
Pessilist, RebelDragon95 PS4 Ventus Beginner Any% No Menu Race
Raikou PS1 Any%
Gameboyf9, Ryguy3745, VaeluV NES Any% Race
IamAlphena PC Any%
Rhythmsong Turbografx-16 Any%, Voice Acting On
Thursday, November 14, 2019
PinkPajamas 3DS Classic Expert
AWildCactoos PC Glitchless%
SmellyMctroll GBA Hero Any%
AndyW3321, EvilAsh25 PS1 Any% Good Ending Race
SchalaKitty PC Any% VGA
Bichphuongballz SNES Any% w/ English Patch
Friday, November 15, 2019
Knewster Sega Genesis Any%
DragondarchSDA NES Any%
Blackdeathdoom PC Any% Hell Amazon
PanzerDave NES Any%
TheEndd0 PC New Game
BartoszPawlik, DeJackofHearts PC Any% Race
Atrie94 PS4 Any%
Freedom_Pulse97, Korzic PC Any% Race
Dowolff PC All Modes
DelphiNhyte, FullFeaturitis, Shauny7188, xIronXVI Switch Any% Guild (Low Rank) 4 Player 4 Player Co-op
Saturday, November 16, 2019
Neoslash72 PS2 Any%
Kddragon PC Any%
MSKain PC Any% NG
Davidtki, Misterprmiller, iICrowIi PC 100% Fiesta 5 Games - 100% character runs
Zinfogel PSP Any% Basic
Leonis07, PurkisM GBC Any% Race
Puwexil GB Any% No Saw Skill
Kyoslilmonster PC Any% (A)
Sunday, November 17, 2019
Professor_Palmer PS1 Any%
Elmagus PC Galdera%
MrStarbird Sega Genesis Any%
30Cents, ChaosDrifter, Lane_dibello PC Any% Light Side Race
KrusKader GB Any% Knight
KrusKader Turbografix-16 Any%
Varldin PC All Bosses
Yoshi_Zilla Wii U Any%
Moonblazewolf, Scratchdragon, Swimmylionni, Xyrak_ SNES Catalite Flags Race
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