Remote Retro Relay Race (R4)- Second Edition

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ScheduledEstimateDescription de l'épreuvePlateformTeam 1Team 2
Déroulement de la EPIC JOURNEY Gotta catch them all na na
Beat 6 Knights Multiplatform Cadenza Rywek
Complete 3rd island NES retro_redfield LittleMsArcade
Beat Saturos (Mercury Lighthouse) GBA kryptixx Scaryolive
Mode championship compléter les 5 premières courses PC mooviies Draguino
Any% NES Falcon Rywek
Complete Mission 4 (Hard) PC mooviies Sakyori
Beat Crazy Scientist Sega Genesis CynanMachae Rootings
Any% (Part Timer Mode) PSX Thalieloz Tinoeud
Beat 2nd Boss (All zones mode - Seeded) PC Cadenza Draguino
Beat the game (Easy) PC retro_redfield Tinoeud
Beat the Game (Single Segment) NES kryptixx LittleMsArcade
Beat the game (Warpless) NES Falcon Scaryolive
Any% NES CynanMachae Rywek
Arcade Mode - 15 minutes (Normal) [2 essais] PC Cadenza LittleMsArcade
Complete Era 1 PC mooviies Draguino
Any% SNES CynanMachae Sakyori
Sunday, October 11, 2020
Pay First Debt GC Thalieloz Scaryolive
Tour Mode (Easy) SNES kryptixx Tinoeud
Complete Act 2 Sega Genesis retro_redfield Rootings
100% PC Thalieloz Tinoeud
Save Splinter NES Falcon Sakyori
Fun and goodbyes na na na

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