Remython Kiwami

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Very Easy (Emulator) Gamecube TwanM4n (he/him)
Solo Easy PC osskari
Reach The Top PC donefirin (he/him)
Any% PS2 SighAhNide (he/him)
Beat Some Levels PC RatonDomestico
Arcade Mode PC thebiggestdoof (he/him)
Any% NG (Casual Difficulty) PC GLPhoenix (he/him)
Sleeps Sleeps Sleeps
Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Any% PC donefirin (he/him)
Any% Gamecube Mattmatt
Legacy Default Any% PC Kodantics
Default Any% PC Kodantics
All Tracks, One Lap Genesis RatonDomestico
World's Strongest Fin Invitational PC Osskari vs. RatonDomestico vs. themetaknightmare vs. Yolodrigo
Any% Glitchless (Mount Vellenge) Gamecube Shinkari (he/him; they/them)
8 Bit NG+ PC brrunt (he/him)
Sleeps Sleeps Sleeps
Sunday, September 20, 2020
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All Treasures PS4 osskari
All Songs (Race) PC Mattmatt vs. Heki
"All" Secret Levels Gamecube ChungusGrungus (he/him)
Protoman (2 Scenario) GBA themetaknightmare (he/him)
All Bosses PC donefirin (he/him)
Any% Sun Ending PC el_gavino

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