ResortFest: Winter Rush 2019

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Any% (ENG) Tricrow Cmdr 16:9
Any% (ENG) Tanya Cmdr 16:9
Any% (CAN) KingJ Cmdr 16:9
Any% (USA) LeftSideWorldWide $10 - Lost Hobo King DLC (+5m) Cmdr 16:9
Any% (No WM) (USA) Likeanoob100 $10 - Purity Forest (+15m), $10 - Wish Cave (+15m) Tendog 4:3
Any% (USA) gchierico91 Tendog 4:3
Journey (Beginner) (USA) LeftSideWorldwide $15 - Maximum Visual Effects Jasper 16:9
Axel Easy (MEX) GhostSenpai Jasper 4:3
Any% (USA) Calmlamity Bidwar - Name the Main Character, $25 - 100% (+45m) Jasper 4:3
Saturday, February 02, 2019
Good Ending 100% Steam (NL) LinkaMeister Cmdr 4:3
Any% (NL) LinkaMeister Cmdr 4:3
0 Star TAS (SCO) LukeSaward Cmdr 4:3
(SCO) NuclearSheepdog Cmdr 16:9
Co-op Any% No Controller (USA) CountGooby, (USA) Fluffy $5 - Sing the Barney Theme Song Cmdr 4:3
Classic 5.0 Co-op (USA) CountGooby, (USA) Fluffy Cmdr 16:9
All Delfino Shines NG+ (SPAIN) PrakxoElPatatita Tendog 4:3
Any NG+ (USA) starsmiley, (USA) mrlink2k Tendog 4:3 Race
New Game + (USA) CountGooby Tendog 16:9
All Games/All Games NG+ (USA) Gamingland Tendog 16:9
All Trophy Races (ENG) Bandow2000 Tendog
All Trophy Races 10 Pushups (ENG) Bandow2000 Tendog
5 Hotdogs (USA) Cmdr Tendog
World Open (USA) Haloinator297 Cmdr/Tendog 16:9
All Sports + Teach% (USA) Cmdr, (USA) Haloinator297 Cmdr/Tendog 16:9
All Sports (USA) Haloinator297, (CAN) KingJ Cmdr/Tendog 16:9 Race
Dodgeball - Mushroom Cup (USA) Cmdr, (USA) Haloinator297, (USA) CaptainTyler425 Cmdr/Tendog 16:9
Classic Mode x3 + 3p Century Smash (USA) Cmdr, (USA) Haloinator297, (USA) CaptainTyler425 Cmdr/Tendog 16:9
32 Track (CAN) KingJ, (USA) kyret64 Bidwar - Roy, Waluigi, Link, Rosalina, Bowser, Metal Mario Jasper 16:9 Race
Beat the Game (USA) Clomb $10 - All Emeralds (+10m) Jasper 4:3
Any% (USA) Silo_Simon $15 - 320 Star (+18m) Jasper 4:3
Swine Prince (USA) SkipMcLazy, (USA) Timemuphin Bidwar - Save or Kill Wilbur Jasper 16:9 Race
Sunday, February 03, 2019
NES - Alucard (CAN) levelengine Gamingland 4:3
All Costumes (USA) heyguysitsshea Bidwar - Doge with or without Sunglasses, $1 per 10k run Gamingland 4:3
Mario Party All Boards (ENG) MidiPlayz Gamingland 16:9
6 Race CMES (USA) Jack Cmdr 16:9
All Characters All Target Tests (USA) CountGooby Bidwar- In-Game Tag Tendog 4:3 Race
Any% (AU) Dansta2106 $5 - Nipple% (+12m) Cmdr 16:9
10 Shine (USA) Cmdr, (SPAIN) Prak Tendog 4:3 Race
Beat the Game: Sonic (ENG) Okamikaze, (AUS) JaspertheFish Bidwar - US vs JP Soundtrack Tendog 16:9 Race
Triple Bingo (USA) Gamingland, (USA) Tendog Jasper 4p Race
Any% (USA) LunaMelano Jasper 16:9
September All Genres (USA) CountGooby Bonus Run ($150) Jasper 4:3 Race
Monday, February 04, 2019
the 21st night of September?

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