RGLtv Castlevania Marathon 2018

Starts on

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Tournament Multiple
Any% freeland1787 vs Jay_Cee
2nd Quest Grant Pianotorious vs jay_cee
Alucard freeland1787 vs pianotorious
Sypha freeland1787 vs pianotorious
Trevor freeland1787
Any% dat1niceguy vs Cypherin
Any% lildingus vs Lucha_Gym
All Bosses Smelly_Mctroll
Full Power Turbodog702
Sunday, October 21, 2018
Richter Any% just_defend
Story All Cutscenes Turbodog702
Any% Smelly_Mctroll
New Game+ Turbodog702
New Game+ Turbodog702
Any% Aphotic_Ktulu

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