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100% N64 Hellfoes
Any% (Kraid/Phantoon First) SNES Jack879, Overfiend Route Comparison
Beginner Any% PC Biglaw
Story Easy PC Biglaw
1-20 PC Viixie_, Lumophile Semi-Blind Race
Any% No Controller Genesis Viixie_
Any% NES BluntBunny
All Keys 1CC + Any% NMG NES, SNES Rezovayix, Bluntbunny Combo Race
Saturday, July 28, 2018
Any% SNES JulianRX
Any% (Mikhail) PC JulianRX
Any% SNES Jermro
Any% X360 MikeKanis
Any% GBA Scrub_Busta
All 1st Place Trophies SNES Tinnue, RPGodfather, Ms_Haunter Race
Nitro Tracks DS Kalarse
100 Lines, Level 0 Start NES Kalarse
Any% SNES Chaucer_
Any% SNES Colinbolts
Sypha NES MikeKanis
Any% SNES Tinnue
36 Levels Genesis MrZeraTheMant
Any% No Verminator Skip SNES Colinbolts
Gym leader Castle Round 1 N64 Angie__
Sunday, July 29, 2018
Dino SNES DarkWingDuck?
Beat The Game SNES Xelna, MikeKanis Race
Any% Ultimate Veteran PC Freeland1787
Pro PC Ms_Haunter
Any% SNES MikeKanis
Any% NMG SNES Xelna
Claire B PC Viixie_
Any% Glitchless - No Manip SNES DrSwellman, Angie__ Race

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