RPG Blitz 2019

RPGBlitz is an RPG marathon focused on relatively shorter RPG speedruns hosted on the RPG Limit Break channel, running on the days of February 2-3, 2019.

Starts on

All dates and times are given in America/Los_Angeles timezone (UTC-08:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

DarkTerrex Any%
Likeanoob100 Any% No Wondermail
takazetv Any%
Fricassee Any% (Old Patch)
dowolff Any%
dowolff Any%
Drumboardist Any% Radar Glitch
Churchnsarge Any% (Tourist)
Yoshi_Zilla Any% (No Peach Warp)
someDDRnoob Any% Galaxy (PS4)
Sunday, February 03, 2019
Aeonfrodo Any% (PS4)
-Break- -Rest-
Pianoman7117TV Any%
Mrzwanzig Sora's Story
Synrey Any%
osey889 Any% Velvet (Normal Difficulty)
Ouro Any%
DelphiNhyte, Tuxdev Any% Race
godempressleracosthefifth Quest Mode Good Ending - Valkyrie
GhostKumo Cyrus Single Story

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