Sapporo Offline Speedrun 2023 Spring

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ぼんぼん Any%-Restricted WiiU @bombomb_hair bombomb_hair
Robert_Ordis Version1.0.5, NewGame+1, ADVANCED, any%, PC @Robert_Ordis robert_ordis
やおよろず Any% 1P SNES @YaoYorozu_8mi yaoyorozu8mi
スピンス 120 cards WiiU VC
嶋孝介(SHIMA) ドリドラドの遺跡Any% WiiU VC @shimako34343 shimako34343
asasumi Any%(Famicom) NES @asasumi asasumi
鈍ザンキ れもん First Debt - No Date Glitch Wii @namakura_zanki @Lemons_Picrun namakura_zanki Lemons_Picrun
Arus Any% PC @arus103 arus103
Sunday, June 18, 2023
ドラゴソ ED 1 PlayStation TV @e_dragoso e_dragoso
まる TRIAL 999,999pts & WARS 5 WINS PlayStation @maroon361 mar361
hamaaaaan21 Original Japanese Any% PlayStation @HamanChannel hamaaaaan21
ナオ Golf 18 Holes, Random Seed(ブラインドモード) Switch @nao2gou naochan_rta
レイア Any% DS @leia0928rta leia0928
くらっちょ Any% PC @Clutchon clutch_online
倫葉 11 Exit - ACE SNES @_tomoha__ tomoha__

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