Racing To Help 3 Schedule

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All dates and times are given in America/New_York timezone (UTC-04:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Co-op Any% Purce + SOrban2 PC
Any% M+KB SighAhNide GC
Any% TwanM4n PC
Any% SighAhNide PS2
Any% RandyBobandy_tv PC
Beginner Any% Top_Diesel Xbox One
Saturday, September 26, 2020
Any% DBcade PS2
Any% Glitchless SaberaMesia w/ WillowtheWhisperSR & FalconsFreak02 PC
Any% NikoTengoku SNES
Any% NikoTengoku NES
Any% NikoTengoku NES
Any% Eric (JP) - Easy Eldritch_Mecha w/ Fraydnot & CousinTalbort PS4
Any% - Ruby Diamonds SCXCR PC
Any% Training SCXCR Xbox 360
Any% UnderwaterSmoking PC
Any% UnderwaterSmoking PC
Any% UnderwaterSmoking PC
Any% Chazoshtare PC
Any% ShrimpiiBoii PC
Any% - Bandit Route (Race) Doom338 + Zyrelia + Nyk_Style PC
Any% Cunningkanga w/ Amzy & GuyWhoLied PC
Any% Kaos_Wulf w/ Oasiz & Daedalon PC
Duck% Chazoshtare PC
Movie Mode - Contender NilssonAlex92 GC
Any% (Race) CallMeLiam + Tosksquad w/ Exiled_Prince & Matimbre GC
Any% CallMeLiam w/ Exiled_Prince PC
Story Mode All Levels PetresInc GC
Monkey Golf 18 Holes PetresInc GC
18 Holes SCXCR Wii
16 Star + Skip Showcase Purce N64
Final Enterprise Randomizer (Race) CapnBWhite + Eldritch_Mecha + Eykir w/ Th11vdan SNES
Any% Relay Race Minkzr + Purce PS1
Sunday, September 27, 2020
Any% History Books - 1 Player, No DLC - Longsword Only SCXCR PC
Any% NG+ SCXCR Wii
Any% RJsmangit PSTV
Any% MrSilentVid PS1
Any% Jadeite Switch
CrossKeys Randomizer NilssonAlex92 SNES
Random World CertainTrips Genesis
Random World CertainTrips PC
NG+ Any% Exiled_Prince w/ Culinwino Xbox
Any% SkillaDilla PS1

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