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ScheduledEstimateCategoryIncentiveFinal Time
Any% 17:00
Any% (Easy) 31:xx
Any% "100%" 13:58
Any% NMG (Race vs. noisepolice) 1:41:42
Any% DNF
Any% (v1.1) All Ducks 6:4x
100% Glitchless 1:12:57
Any% KPDR Save/Kill 1:11:31
8 Mavericks 42:56
All Circuits Name the File 38:08
Any% (Race) BONUS: Low% 42:13
Low% 1:00:23
Grand Prix Select the Car 54:35
Custom Levels (Spekio)
Any% Glitchless (Alucard) BONUS: Richter Any% 1:21:35
Sunday, February 21, 2021
Any% Glitchless (Richter) 31:03
100K Citizens (Glitchless) Name the City 1:01:56
Worlds Collide (Randomizer) Choose Starting Characters/Require 8 Dragons

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