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Any% Nikko
Zipless True Ending rl_evader
Any% ArtTAS
Hard Difficulty Any% BazilioTheCat
Any% Extruderx
Any% [PC/DC/N64] - DC AniMeliodas
Any% Testo
Any% Hivemind
Ending [A] Normal Any% VC3Mod Seifer
Dante NG Neplihim + Vergil DLC NG Nephilim Bulkich
Any% Gunvolt Izerli
Tuesday, October 08, 2019
Any% Feanorus
Высыпайтесь перед новым днём Все
All NG Memories Danflesh
Normal Null 6F Unseeded Extruderx
Any% Sadpotato
Any% Kelnin
Vendetta - Solo Bulkich
Any% NG+ Bulkich
Glitchless% Kykystas
Any% (Disney's Afternoon Collection) Kasper
Any% Outside_Lutz
Any% Race TheVK и Vastlam
Any% AniMeliodas
qwmod Any% Spddqd
I. Dalaran Bank race Antidotsr и TheCakeKun
Any% Izerli
Wednesday, October 09, 2019
Any% TGR
Glitched - No Ally TGR
Спокойной ночи ^_^ Все
Any% - Solo, New Game+ WhiteLight
Any% TheVK
Any% Gpalm
Any% No Major Glitches Dea1h
no voidclips Raintnt
Human Campaign (Normal) Race Username1826 и Lidernik
Fighter CyrusVorazan
Full game Any% - Lights On, 1.2 Kykystas
NG+ any% MightyCrab
NG+ Devil Hunter Mekarazium
Any% Cpt.Agman
Any% (No SSU) Race Dezodor, Username1826, X-Meme
Any% Novice - No Ricochet of bullets X.White
Bad Ending Antidotsr
Thursday, October 10, 2019
Any% Spddqd
Grey, Beginner Izerli
Any% Feanorus
Сладких снов UwU Все
Any% BazilioTheCat
100% Danflesh
Any% Tezur0
Any% Co-op WhiteLight и Kykystas
Co-op Bulkich и TheVK
Any% TaRaKaLLI
Beat the Game Mekarazium
Any% race WhiteLight, Cheeezets, Cpt.Agman
Any% Deluxerus
Beat the Game X.White
1V0 Mekarazium
1V5 mid only race Antidotsr и Bulkich
Any% Animeliodas
Any% Race TheRapture и Hivemind
Makai path (Lunatic) X.White
Friday, October 11, 2019
Any% Izerli
Спите спокойно :* Все
Any% Ankaid
Any% Hivemind
Any% Kelnin
Low% (Old Patch) WhiteLight
Any% TheStalkerVal
All Stories Randomizer TommyeAsY
Any% Vostok
Any% Rigi
Race Normal% VS Easy% DogMeats и Animeliodas
Claire A Standard 60fps Hellmin
Main Campaings Solo Any DIfficulty Wheredidthehairgo
Any% Race Outside_Lutz и St4nzzz
Any% Race Outside_Lutz и St4nzzz
Any% Race Outside_Lutz и St4nzzz
NG+ Any% Hism45
100% C7ay
Any% AniMeliodas
Saturday, October 12, 2019
Приятных сновидений <3 Все
Any% PS2 Cpt.Agman
Any% St4nzzz
Any% St4nzzz
Any% DogMeats
Any% No Major Glitches Race rl_evader и Artkiller971
Any% Vastlam
Карьера% Vastlam
Any% - Legacy AniMeliodas
All Missions Tezur0
Any% St4nzzz
All Terrorist Hunts 5 players (Normal) Antidotsr, Vastlam, Sharfik, TheCakeKun, TheVK
Any% Treyvz
Bingo Race AniMeliodas и Sharfik
New Game Normal BazilioTheCat
AllStage% Dakurobotto
Dead on Arrival any% MightyCrab
Sunday, October 13, 2019
Any% TheStalkerVal
Any% TheStalkerVal
Осталось совсем немного ^.^ Все
AMM Master 1.0006 Аntidotsr
Any% GBA VedroSpirta
Easy Any% Treyvz
Human Campaign (Normal) Username1826
Prologue Campaign (Normal) Username1826
Any% Tezur0
Any% Sadpotato
Any% Dakurobotto
Any% Mekarazium
Shadow of Revan All FlashPoints [ Story Mode ] Antidotsr
Any% Kykystas
Vor's Prize Mekarazium
2 players, Mania Outside_Lutz и Pikapikapikachuuuu
Any% 2p Co-op TheVK и AlexYeahNot
Monday, October 14, 2019
Any% Easy Antidotsr
Any% Spddqd

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