Just wanna do a 24 hour stream again to celebrate my new PC I guess? Last time was fun but long ago. I nearly died then and I wanna see if it will happen again. Every game shorter than three and a half hours I know the route of that I gave serious thoughts about speedrunning once, done in one go. Some games have multiple categories that I ran, but with the exception of Portal 2 of which the categories differ enough, I will only do one of the categories.

Stream starts when I wake up. Usually this is around the time listed in the schedule but it may be earlier or later. If I am ahead of schedule, I will not wait before starting the next game. Any breaks I take will not be subtracted from the 24 hours. In the unlikely event that I finish before the 24 hour mark, I will play MTA until the 24 hour mark has been reached. I have the right to end the stream prematurely if I start feeling unwell or if other issues arise.

Hope you guys will enjoy my stream.

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Diploma% (None of this update bullcrap) Oh god no
Beat the Game
Beat the Game SS (Old Engine)
Coop Beat the game w/ JustShanz
OoB 0$ to sing the credits song
Any% (Easy)
Monday, June 13, 2016
Beat the Game 0$ to sing the credits song
Coop Beat the Game w/ Gocnak???
Super 8
Beat the game
Beat The Game 0$ to sing the credits song
Beat the Game SS (New Engine)
Get to the end Ass o clock run - Pain Keeping Me Awake
Beat the game Ass o clock run - Cutscenes For Food
Beat the Game (SS strats) Ass o clock run - Muscle Memory Strats
Beat The Game

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